DOJ Reviewing More Than 10,000 Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Mueller Investigators

They’re gonna need to drink a lot of Covefe.

DC: The Justice Department is sifting through 10,000 text messages involving the FBI agent who was kicked off of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation for making anti-Trump comments.

Fox News reports that the bureau is reviewing “several months” worth of messages that the agent, Peter Strzok, exchanged with Lisa Page, an FBI attorney with whom he was having an affair.

The Justice Department is searching the texts before turning them over to the House Intelligence Committee, a process which could take “weeks.”

The Justice Department’s inspector general discovered over the summer that Strzok and Page exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Clinton text messages last year. After the watchdog informed Mueller’s office, Strzok was “immediately” removed from the Russia investigation, a spokesman for Mueller said over the weekend.

Details of Strzok’s removal were kept secret for months. ABC News reported back in August that Strzok had been demoted from Mueller’s team to the FBI’s human resources division. Attempts to find out the rationale were met by “no comments” from Mueller’s office.  read more

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  1. Through the Clinton and Obama patronage era political operatives were strategically placed in the FBI. Not only in the FBI but key positions in every agency, board and commission.
    They are indeed a progressive, partisan deep state mechanism with a real political purpose. Their charge is to leak information, do favors for the elite, disrupt, distract, deceive, generate fake news and destroy credibility.

  2. So? After the Clintonista in charge of making sure that no one from the Clinton Crew faced any legal “issues,” gets outed for doing what they’re paid to do, he gets moved to a desk deciding who gets hired and fired for doing what they’re paid to do. Did they bother taking the “Debbie Wasserman Schultz” name plate off the desk? Or do they just leave “Next” there, permanently?

  3. I bet Strzok and Page were shocked to find out that the texts they deleted weren’t really deleted. And now we have some dead-enders at the CFPB forming a resistance called “Dumbledore’s Army”. They think they’re being clever by using private encrypted messaging software to communicate. This will not end well for them.

  4. How would you like to be the poor sap who was trapped to read thru 10,000 emails exchanged between two horny, looney, leftist losers? Hope there is something salacious like “old Herr Mueller has a big inflamed pimple on the end of his dick” to break the tedium!

  5. And as they put the last of the texts aside they’ll proclaim “Nothing here. Just yoga and wedding planning”.

  6. let’s just cut to the chase and have Chris Wray cough up the Peter Stzrok “dossier” FISA application! I’m with Jim Jordan all the way on his theory that “super agent” Stzrok wasn’t dismissed for making politically biased, anti-Trump statements (that was Issa’s only real question to Wray!), but really the mastermind behind taking Clinton-paid-the-Russians-for-made-up-crap and turning it into an official FBI “reason” to spy on her opponent, Trump. If everyone on Mueller’s team were reassigned because of anti-Trump sentiment, they’d all be gone!

    The 10,000 text messages may make interesting reading, but they are a red herring.


    J. Edgar Hoover caught covering one eye, is the universal symbol of the “All Seeing Eye” of the Illuminati.

    If you wonder why nothing ever truly happens to the Clintons, that’s a good explanation why.

    Go on youtube and search around, you’ll find PLENTY of their symbols and explanations.

  8. They’ve known about these for months but are just now releasing the information. I think it’s a squirrel to cover for much more, very deep, corruption within the FBI and DOJ. Strzok will be sacrificed to cover just how bad things really are. I’m confident Trump knows all about this and will do the right thing.

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