DOJ sides with female athletes who do not want to compete against biological males

Just The News: The U.S. Department of Justice has sided with three female high school athletes who do not believe they should be forced to compete against biological boys who identify as girls.

Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday signed a statement of interest that said the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s policy allowing biological males who identify as females to compete in sports against biological females prevents females from being able to participate in single-sex athletics.  more

13 Comments on DOJ sides with female athletes who do not want to compete against biological males

  1. WHEW! I thought the answer was gonna be something like; “That’s fine, you girls can drop out!”.

  2. Now start working on the other things on your desk that require common sense Bill. We’re waiting.

  3. Well! If Bill Barr supports it, then every reasonable prosecutor must concur!

    Rocket Surgery! It’s not just for extra chromosomes, anymore!

  4. “…State legislators have even put forward legislation aiming to block biological males from competing in girls’ sports…”


    They are biological MALES, no matter how badly they want to be a female

  5. Now that the DOJ has taken care of this maybe they can get on with some of the bigger issues on their plate.

  6. Bill, the big Kung Flu scare ought to provide enough cover for you to start pulling a few rugs out from under people. Now get your ass in gear.

  7. Sue the shit out of the commission if the Women get injured by Contact (intentional or incidental) and see what happens.


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