DOJ Wants Info On DisruptJ20 Viewers

Back in January there was an effort to ruin President Trump’s inaugural calling itself “DistruptJ20.” There were officers injured and multiple arrest made on January 20th, as well as significant property damage in Washington, D.C.

This summer it was reported that the Department of Justice requested information from DreamHost on the 1.3 million people who visited the DisruptJ20 webpage .  The DOJ also wants information on the 6,000 Facebook users who “liked” the DisruptJ20 page.

Both companies are fighting the requests, using a 4th Amendment, unreasonable search and seizure argument.

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  1. Given that the main purpose of disruptj20 was to conspire to perform illegal acts, the DOJ’s demand for information about the conspirators is well within legal precedent IMO.

  2. DOJ better start paying attention to Nov. 4th. The day Antifa and BLM claim they will start our next civil war on.

  3. I’ve been seeing stuff about November 4th all day. It’s like antifa wants to start something, but I haven’t seen particulars yet on the where or what exactly.

    I imagine they don’t want anyone outside their circles or else they’ll have to punk out on their big day when they’re outnumbered and the police are ready for them.

    Perhaps November 4th should be Free Speech Day on the Right and taunt antifa to show themselves.

  4. I’ve been reading about if for probably two months. It’s real popular on the III Percenter sites. I don’t think they have the numbers to make anything happen more than a popcorn fart. And if they did the war would be over on the 5th.

  5. This DOJ effort to get names on the DisruptJ20 doesn’t seem appropriate. If the DOJ can demonstrate that the organizers are engage in criminal activity that would be one thing, but if not then it’s free and assemble that’s being documented by the government.

    Just imagine if it becomes precedent what another Obama like administration would do with it.

  6. Dr Tar, I understand you liberal hand-wringing about “setting a precedent”, but we’re miles beyond that.
    First of all your time frames are ALL F’ED UP: Nov. 8, 2016 has come and gone and they have demonstrated what they do.
    Second, the Federal Government HAS ALREADY designated AntiFa’s actions as Domestic Terrorism (it sucks they didn’t classify the entire group as such).
    Third, the Government (if not the DoJ) has this info already, in its info collecting apparatus.
    Fourth, F*CK “taunting” AntiFa and the Left: time to SHUT. THEM. DOWN.

    Bad Brad gets it that, if things get “hinky” (I’d call it “The Day to Unlock the Safety”), it will be over in 24 hours.

    A day to put down the popcorn and pick up the – ahem – tools.


    If you visit a page or “like” something, that information (I can’t believe it’s even kept) gets sent to the gov’t? THEN WHAT? They start investigating and harassing users, looking at all their web activity, and it never stops.

    Data should be NEED ONLY on certain users they have information about. Not a wide net, catch innocent people, then sift through the pile.

    You should have the ability to legally “like” something w/o repercussions. What are they insinuating about a person that does what they are legally allowed to do?

  8. Slippery slope time ,If they were conspiring I think it’s Legal to put them through the process. Just Don’t jail Looky Lou’s !

  9. Wait, Antifas get Fourth Amendment protection but to date NO ONE has been prosecuted for a weaponized IRS’s open harassment of conservative law-abiding citizens?!?!?

  10. @Anonymous October 1, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    They weren’t “conservative law-abiding citizens”. They were undeclared domestic terrorists.

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