DOJ won’t pursue criminal charges against McCabe


The Justice Department said Friday it will not pursue criminal charges against former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, after a nearly two-year-long investigation into accusations brought by the agency’s independent watchdog who found that he lacked “candor” when questioned about leaking to the media.

In a letter to McCabe attorney Michael Bromwich obtained by Fox News, Justice Department attorney J.P. Cooney said the investigation is now “closed.”

“We write to inform you that, after careful consideration, the government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe,” Cooney wrote.

The DOJ added: “Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the government at this time, we consider the matter closed.”

In a statement to Fox News, Bromwich and McCabe counsel David Schertler confirmed they received the information through a phone call from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. They said that call was followed by the letter notifying them that “the criminal investigation of Andrew McCabe has been closed.”

“This means that no charges will be brought against him based on the facts underlying the Office of the Inspector General’s April 2018 report,” Bromwich and Schertler said. “At long last, justice has been done in this matter.”


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  1. Total EFFING BS!!!

    Rat bastards will not enforce the law – this is unacceptable!

    “justice has been done in this matter” – Like hell it has!

  2. And WHY NOT ?!

    They pursued bogus BS charges against

    General Flynn who should be
    totally exonerated

    Paul Manafort who should be
    commuted and released because he was
    prosecuted ONLY because he was a friend
    of POTUS

    Roger Stone whose so-called allegations
    of crime were far less than the obvious crimes
    of McCabe, Brennan, Comey and others who
    have not even been indicted.

    It would be an absolute injustice if
    Stone were not totally pardoned.

    In fact, every single person who Mueller
    tried to destroy to ” get Trump ”
    should be ” made whole ” and totally
    compensated for Mueller’s insane treachery.

    Moreover, Robert Mueller should be disbarred
    on ethical violations alone w/o even mentioning
    his criminality !

  3. Mark Steyn is in for Rush today and he’s just nailing this shit. Who the fxck in our Government is NOT deep state and whom do we trust?

  4. Is there a possibility that Durhams investigation is turning up much more serious charges and maybe letting this fall to the wayside doesn’t compromise that investigation? Just something to ponder.

  5. See, Trump’s tweets made them change their mind. They were going to throw the book at McCabe, but Trump made it impossible AF to do their job.


  6. @Different Tim – maybe, just maybe. As in, more on Comey, so let’s get that one done??

    I would like to think what you say is correct. Who the eff knows at this point anymore, this is TIRING.

  7. Sab Gorka is on the radio now and giving an explanation. He’s having Joe Degenova on who’s a big fan of Barr. Lets see what he says.
    So far it’s “keep the faith”….we are, but only in Trump.

  8. The only possible, acceptable explanation is that the Attorney General’s team knew that McCabe wouldn’t be convicted on the evidence and the charges in a trial brought in the District of Corruption. Perhaps, they have something more interesting planned for McCabe in the future. I haven’t seen any evidence that any of the rodents involved in this attempted coup have started ratting one another out yet, but I’m not a member of a Grand Jury hearing evidence. Is anybody even hearing evidence? How about it, Mr. Durham?

  9. Not on THAT evidence, but on something else, right right right?
    Right? lol
    Because this asshole is on TV saying shit like, “i’ve been tortured for two yeeeeears”.
    As if what he went through under his own devious actions, compares to what they did to Trump.


  10. gin blossom- Yes, I had the same smoke blowing up my ass via Dan Bongino. 😉
    We misread what Barr said about Trump’s tweeting, etc.
    We shall see. But I’m in a snit today, i’m not having any of this.

  11. DOJ: How much do you hate President Trump?
    McCabe: Enough to lie under oath.
    DOJ: Good enough, you’re free to go.

  12. Those loyal to The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… Loyal enough to be advanced through The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… Have found the great, loyal, truth… That The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… Is great, to be truly loyal, to… Same as it ever was.

    What a relief. Now I can go back to offering them my wallet, the wallets of my children, the wallets of the children “my” wife decided… forever, and ever, All Party.

    (And bless them. For the opportunity… To vote… For those deemed loyal enough to The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… To be listed by The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… To be counted by The Party, The One Party, The True Party, The Great Party… Or, not… subject to change without notice.)

  13. Even if barr and durham bring down some of the other members of the gang, the message is: McCabe and his ilk will ALWAYS get away with this kind of crime.

    How that rat Wray is still head of the FBI is really all we need to know about Barr.

    Let’s move to the next level on this: this battle for our country is far from over. We’ve learned we can trust but a handful of people, including PDJT.

    Let’s power through this, and WIN.

  14. the fbi is a criminal organisation it should never have existed.
    everyone in dc is a criminal,traitor and enemy of the state.
    they all deserve the noose.

  15. A “wet works” team needs to stalk and strike at McCabe & all the other lying Deep State Coup participants.

  16. If the conspirators don’t get long prison terms a hot civil war is inevitable. Barr will have a place in history with the Dred Scott court.

  17. The second amendment exists because it is the right of the people to disband and overthrow an unjust government and
    a government that does not represent nor execute the will
    of the people, and including a government that ignores and
    works against the good and welfare of the people.

    All forms of government have no more rights than that which
    has been granted onto them by the people.

    The only mission of any legitimate government is service
    to the people.

    The very instant that government dictates to the people
    that government has instantly lost its legitimacy and
    the people by G-D given right must overthrow it !

  18. Well at least we now know who Barr is really working for and all the calls for his removal from Pelosi and Schumer is just to protection. Now look for McCabe to sue the DOJ for malicious prosecution and collect a big bag of cash.

  19. This will keep many republicans from voting. We have been played for complete fools. What I don’t want to happen is now more probable. Deep state is deeper than I ever thought. Its all on the line now. Sheesh! I’m too old for this shit. Damn!

  20. Durham; another carrot dangling before the deplorables to make it look like there is a chance in hell for real justice.

    Sadly, we chase the carrot as we tred on a conveyer belt of hope and fail to see we are dumped into the mire of THE ELITIST SWAMP.

    The damn bastards are all in it. They make the rules and they rule. There will never be a reckoning.

    It’s like asking the homeless to clean up their own squatting squalor: THEY have no interest in cleaning the D.C, SWAMP.

  21. The deep state will be dismantled when those warehouses containing all the surveillance records of every digital record are destroyed.
    That is the basis for all their power.
    It’s not the deep state, it is the surveillance state.


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