Domestic Terrorists Shoot and Kill 8 Year-Old Girl in Atlanta

An 8 year old girl dies in her mother’s arms, murdered in cold blood by B.L.M. domestic terrorists.

ht/ c. steven tucker

19 Comments on Domestic Terrorists Shoot and Kill 8 Year-Old Girl in Atlanta

  1. Not to sound cynical, but is this a surprise to anyone with a brain? If it hasn’t been done already disconnect the power and water to this building. Board up the windows and padlock the doors. Let those scumbags inside eat each other for a change.

    PS: I was actually shocked there was a baby daddy available.

  2. Is there anything in this world more precious than an innocent 8 year old girl? May the peace of Christ be with her family.

  3. 1) Law enforcement should have a bad case of Blue Flu until the Dem leaders beg for them to come back.
    2) Nukem all, let God sort it out.

  4. There have been 75 shooting in Atlanta this month alone.
    Pikers. That’s a daily total in Shitcago.

  5. “Bottoms announced that after weeks of trying to negotiate…”

    There lies a big part of the problem.

  6. Everyone acts all shocked and surprised that giving these thugs legitimacy would lead to this. So you just give criminals free reign until they murder a child? Disgusting.

  7. Bottoms wants information. Who will they give the information to? Are the police still active there?

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