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Dominion And Secretary of State Warn Michigan Not To Audit Voting Machines


Providing further suspicion that something is afoot in the world of fraudulent election systems, the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (Democrat) and the Dominion Company (who control the ballot counting systems) are warning state officials not to conduct audits of their local results. More

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  1. Really????? That statement alone should be all the reason needed to conduct and asshole to appetite audit.

  2. “warranty is voided when an audit is performed on them”
    Void that M______F___ing warranty, NOW.

  3. Is this like Br’er Rabbit saying “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch! Oh please! Do not throw me!

  4. Move along…nothing too see here…no election fraud…at least none we want you to see…move along.

  5. You mean all Nixon had to do was warn everyone not to investigate Watergate and things would have been different?

    It is amazing that all of the people who claim that there was nothing amiss in the election are so upset that people want to make sure. There are some things that should be open to investigation just to confirm things are done right.

    In the military, Inspector Generals are not just the police that are called when it looks like there is something wrong. They spend most of their time going around to military bases making sure there is no problem. If they are at a unit at meal time and the IG inspectors are brought into a private room to eat steak, they will say “We feel like eating with the troops tonight” and go out into the mess hall — and the troops better be eating steak.

    Radio stations get unannounced visits from FCC inspectors. Costco has teams of auditors who show up to make sure that all the departments follow laws and policies.

    I don’t see why election officials get their knickers in a knot when a spotlight is pointed at their work. If anything should been under intense scrutiny, electing are it.

  6. Where there is smoke there is fire and this smoke screen has all the indications of a five alarm fire.

  7. I’m sure they’re 💩in’ themselves over the jailtime they’ll ALL be facing, when the truth comes out. 😈

  8. Dominion has become a parody of themselves. Dark paraody, but parody nonetheless.

    Get those stupid things out of our Republic!!!!!!!

  9. Didn’t know you could do warranty work from jail. These gutsy assholes at Dominion are quite ballsy considering that The Democrat Party Will Not be in power forever.

    When the dust settles, I predict that Dominion, certain EU countries, and some people financially linked to The Liberal Party of Canada will be implied. IF the truth is ever allowed to come out.


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