Dominion confirms Clinton Foundation donation, Pelosi staffer tie but disputes other claims

Just The News: Dominion Voting Systems is rebutting assorted claims of partisan bias and voting manipulation in the 2020 election, including rumors of a secret U.S. military raid on purported servers in Germany and ownership interests and other influence in the firm by prominent Democratic families. read more

15 Comments on Dominion confirms Clinton Foundation donation, Pelosi staffer tie but disputes other claims

  1. Dominion’s company tagline: “Our customers always come first.”

    Holy cow! Since their job is to screw us, you’d think they’d be a little more subtle about it.

  2. So Dominion shot the sheriff and the mashall, but they did not shoot all of those deputies. That’s totally cool.

  3. If what’s being reported about Dominion is true, then there should be many arrests … leading to legal thermonuclear weapons detonating in the SWAMP. I’ll wait.

  4. Anyone remember when the Democrats were screaming that the Diebold voting machines gave G.W. the White House?

    People have such short memories.

  5. Weyland-Yutani Corp “Building Better Worlds”

    It’s not just me poking at Dominion, it’s the idea that G-d didn’t do it right.

    Commies are G-dless scum from the outset… but if any one of them believe in G-d, which I’m sure none of them do, they think G-d fucked up.

  6. What Dominion said about its tabulating processes could be 100% correct. It’s not the tabulating that is the concern as much as what the process is tabulating. Inputting fake votes for Biden certainly would be counted accurately by the process and given to Biden.

    And modifying votes to favor one candidate over another aftger input would likely be done by an algorithm before votes are tabulated. If 1000 votes for Trump are changed to Biden they would have to be changed prior to counting/tabulating. What purpose would it serve to count them first followed by changing them? None.

    Dominion’s words about the accuracy of its tabulating process amount to a pile of BS and an attempt to deflect suspicion.

  7. I read they also have BMDs or ballot marking devices that sometimes spit out a ballot with bar codes on it. And computers that compare signatures, too? Too much reliance on programing is leaving us open to hacking We need to get back to basics. I have no personal knowledge of such devices or programming, either.

  8. And what’s to prevent running a stack through the old tabulator again? The number on the voter list and the number of ballots tabulated should match–why are voter lists not being discussed? think they are called QVFs, qualified voter files. Perhaps they need a person there to actually update or mark off. Makes me wonder who is in charge of these big cities.
    For the mail-ins, Rudy says without the signed envelopes you cannot do audit.

  9. Peter Messenger, was chairman of Dominion voting. guess who Just hired him
    Multiple sources, including Biden’s transition website, list Peter Neffenger as a member of the agency review team under the Department of Homeland Security. Agency review teams are responsible for ensuring a smooth transition between administrations. Neffenger is listed as a volunteer for the Biden agency review team.


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