Don Lemon and the Angry Vapors


[…] Had I only seen CNN’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s speech, I would have thought it was something entirely different from what it actually was.

And this is why I always say, go to the source. Never take the news media at their word.

They are waging a jihad against this President. And in so doing are willing to align themselves with the violent anarchist movement that seeks to destroy our nation and make us ungovernable.

This is how deep their hatred is – not just for President Trump, but for the American people.  read more


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  1. I’d defy any of these sniveling twits to visit any local tavern in any given town in the country and start talking their trash. The beating they would endure would be sickening to watch.

  2. These so called “News Agencies” only have one topic. TRUMP. 24-7. In the morning I’ll jump from station to station and Morning Blow is all Anti Trump all the time. They cover nothing else. I don’t think they covered the last Terrorist attacks. How can they be considered a legitimate news source if they only have one topic. Where’s the FCC? Pull their license.

  3. I loved the speech, every min of it. And then I saw the take from Don Lemon and the like and it became laughably transparent what absolute foolish asses they are.

    Great job, Trump!! Keep poking them!!

  4. CNN is self destructing right before our eyes.

    Systematically driving away their remaining legacy audience until all they will have left is the 2% diehard hard core Marxist lunatic fringe.

    Cable news is dying. Declining viewership stats, in actual numbers of viewers (not relative) is the real story. As I’ve posted often, CNN’s total national viewership is down to some fraction of the population of Jacksonville, Florida.
    Every week/month, CNN further alienates their remaining viewers with this anti-American/anti-POTUS Trump Hysteria.

    CNN’s viewership is also old. Average age 62. Younger news junkies are online, not watching CNN.

    The Left destroys everything it touches.

    The “Megyn Kelly attacks Trump” formula. With identical results.

    Watch for CNN to quietly morph into a Sports or Lifestyle channel.

  5. I just recently recovered from a nasty MONTH-long viral infection….hospitalized and the whole bit.
    I asked a hundred questions until the doctor came in and explained to me how the T-cells are the bouncers who eventually identify foreign intruders and then communicate to the white blood cells, the “armies,” to kill any cells that don’t belong.
    You can guess where my mind went with that. “White” blood cells removing any others that don’t belong?
    Oh boy. Wait til the LEFT finds out about that!! They will be outraged!! Marching in the streets protesting racist biological warfare!!!

  6. Re:Organizer…AMEN!………… lickie dickie lemon bar…. chitty chit packer shep….Americas Couples …a new show maybe….? hosted by Wash Post?

  7. Organgrinder, no it wouldn’t be sickening to watch. I’ll bring some popcorn.
    Brad, News channels and the MSM news depts. don’t have a license from the FCC, only the over-the-air stations that carry their crap they call ‘news’. Free speech, and all that.
    But then, we don’t have to watch.

  8. Burner

    How was the FCC going to crack down on Web Sites like Drudge then? In fact about a year ago there was talk they were going after FOX news. I’m not saying you are wrong, but it seems if there should be some sort of over referee for a propaganda news outlet like CNN and MSNBC.

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