Don Lemon Argues With Terry Crews Over Black Lives Matter

‘arguing’ means talking over someone until the segment is over.

7 Comments on Don Lemon Argues With Terry Crews Over Black Lives Matter

  1. I really enjoy the HodgeTwins!! I’ve been following them a long time and they are funny and know the deal. I would really like to meet their mother. The crazy thing is they look sooooo much alike! Seriously, they know the deal and I really wish their message could be out there for all those urban youths to hear. I truly don’t know how Don Lemon can live with him self. So sad. At least Terry Crews kept up with it and told it like it is.

    God Bless us all!

  2. @Justin Case ~ hell no … Lemon’s asshole’s probably got as much callus buildup as Kamala Harris’ throat

    … & ain’t got nothin’ on Obama’s rectal orifice … that thing’s probably impacted more than Elvis’ colon

  3. Dang, I love these guys.

    Count down to how fast Terry C. gets removed from AGT. I do know that Simon Cowell backs the UK Conservative party, but not sure how that compares to right / left in the US.

    And Don L, no, you do not have a thick skin (see 5:07 in the video). You always take it as an insult when anyone disagrees with you. That is the opposite of a thick skin.

  4. When Don and Barky get together for a conversation, it always starts with comparing the dents in one end of their turds, which one is more impressive.


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