Don Lemonhead and His Idiot Panelists Say Trump Rallies Are Mobs, Actual Leftist Mobs Are Not

You want to see mental illness, or stupidity, or both, on display? Watch these idiots say when Trump talks about leftist mobs he is insulting “moms, sisters and daughters,” around the country who are “upset” with the political landscape.

There are no leftwing mobs. Trucks are not set on fire, houses are not vandalized, people are not run out of restaurants, senators are not shot, senators are not tackled, buildings and the hallways are not overrun with screaming people, roadways aren’t blocked, none of this is either happening, or can be characterized as a mob.

You know what can be, though?

A Trump rally. People gathered in a stadium is a threatening mob.

This is hilarious —

17 Comments on Don Lemonhead and His Idiot Panelists Say Trump Rallies Are Mobs, Actual Leftist Mobs Are Not

  1. This is right out of 1984. If you don’t follow Big Brother you are mentally ill and need to be treated and cured. And if the party says a group of people gathered together peacefully are a mob and an actual mob is a peaceful gathering is no less that O’Brain telling Winston “if the party says I can fly, I can fly”.

    To borrow from Hitches: 1984 is a cautionary tale and these people are using it as an instruction manual.

  2. He was talking about the LEFITIST rabble ANTIFA the Nazzi rabble that burns cars, breaks windows. Other Democratic mobbs who destroy and disrupt, blocking freeways, and burning our flag. They are mobs they are the Left antiamericans, socialists.

  3. Being of superior intellect and unquestioned moral authority, I have watched this video with the sound turned off.

    I have determined that none of the participants possesses the appropriate temperament to speak again in a public forum of this nature.

    Therefore I have pushed the appropriate buttons on my tv remote, and have voted to block them permanently.

  4. The atomic wedgies that Lemonhead suffered as a yute cut off the blood flow to his “head”……sad to see that it rendered him developmentally disabled.

  5. Typical communists: negating reality to only believe their own narrative. They’re so stoopid they think they’re fooling us. So now the word “mob” is going to go down the memory hole. I think not.

  6. The Dems just got their name. When you have five screaming heads on one screen, you know Trump hit them below the waterline.

  7. These leftists Democrats, including antifa, are not a mob; they are just activists upset by Trump’s policies. Ted Bundy was not a serial killer; he was just a shy guy who didn’t know how to take “no” for an answer. Jeffrey Dahmer was just some fellow who didn’t want to burden the government by accepting food stamps so he searched for alternative sources of nourishment. Bill Clinton isn’t a rapist or serial sexual assaulter; he is only a guy who frequently misinterprets the gestures, actions and words of the women he meets and has forcible sex with. Anthony Weiner is merely some guy who is really into photography and erotic fiction.

    I understand now – we have misunderstood people all of these years and mischaracterized their true nature. Except for Don Lemon – he really is a clueless dickhead.

  8. Too bad they were in different locations. I wanted the blonde woman to reach over and bitch-slap the condescending, smug gal in pink.

  9. 72 years ago Orwell wrote about Atlee(Marxist PM that beatWinnie. But would get beaten by Winnie in 3 years!) “War is Peace! freedom is Slavery!…”
    the book was published 70 years ago.

    Marxists are no divergent in 2018 than they were in 1948! Or 1917!

  10. Having a Negro leave the plantation is a dangerous thing, so any that try must be attacked. Glad that advice was so well heeded! If only a man was originally interpreted as a man,,, all men are created as equal,,,F’bigets our F’Fathers were


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