Don Rickles At Reagan’s 2nd Inauguration

I am not a huge fan of Rickles’ stand up. I have this debate with Irony all the time. Although I like Rickles in movies and TV shows and as a guest on talk shows, it’s the stand up that I don’t like.

But I watched this, recommended by Horrorman, and I think it’s great as a time capsule.

Rickles’ opening joke would get him in hot water in today’s PC atmosphere.

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  1. Rickles problem is he thinks he has to always be on ‘when in public’
    I don’t like his manic performance. Most of the insults are just not funny.
    Kelly’s Heros wasn’t bad.

  2. I saw Don Rickles a few years ago. “I love the black people. Without them we wouldn’t have the Olympics.” Man he was funny.

  3. I did like Kelly’s Heroes but this stinks. Couldn’t get past the first minute or so. And all you have to remember about Tim Conway is his one week show Turn On NBC back in the late 60’s which was so bad they canceled it immediately after one episode. I actually watched it and it sucked. It was not even remotely funny but just a bunch of crap that embarrassed NBC because it was so bad even for the late 60’s which was infamous for The Smothers Brothers and Laugh In.

  4. BFH…just watched “Mr. Warmth” on Netflix. Highly recommend it. Made by John Landis who was a go-fer on Kelly’s Heroes. The home movies of the Newhearts and the Rickles traveling the world are worth it all. The Inauguration was in it. The best was when he broke Johnny’s cigarette case as a guest host. The next night Johnny went looking for him in mock anger in the studio across the hall, pioneering that “camera follows host” thing that gets tiring now (I know, Steve Allen did it first.)

  5. Don Rickles, along with many others of that time period, made their living being what many today would deem politically incorrect. But it wasn’t so back in the day. Maybe this is why nostalgia never grows old?

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