Donald Trump Announces New Rally To Be Held In Cullman, Alabama August 21

MAGA Conservatives: Former President Donald Trump just announced his next big rally to be hosted by the Alabama Republican Party.  John Wahl, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party confirmed the “York Family Farms” as the location of the rally.

“I believe this will be a huge event for Cullman to be able to host President Trump. We anticipate having thousands of people traveling in from all over Alabama, as well other states, to see President Trump at this rally,” said Senator Garlan Gudger.

Mayor Woody Jacobs said: “Even though this developed rather quickly, we went into ‘teamwork’ mode in making the City of Cullman the best potential site to host an address by the former President. read more

4 Comments on Donald Trump Announces New Rally To Be Held In Cullman, Alabama August 21

  1. You have big rallies.

    Democrats have me.

    Wonder who will win?

    Never mind, Im already programmed to know.

    Hint: Not You.

    …but nice of you guys to clump up to make it easy for the FBI to identify you for later imprisonment, so carry on, lads, carry on…

  2. Wow. Go Trump! Btw he won the election. The progressive commies have gotten to many. I like other conservatives but this was scary to read.

  3. Still bragging about your bio weapon death jab? Right nice of you to say there was an emergency and give the billions to lock us down and declare us non essential. All that talk of being against globalism and you are the worst.

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