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Donald Trump Cleared from Contempt Charges

Business Insider

A Manhattan judge on Wednesday lifted a costly contempt-of-court order that had threatened Donald Trump with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for failing to fully comply with a New York investigation into his hotel and golf resort business.

Trump has been held in contempt since April, when New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron found the former president had failed to turn over personal business documents subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Letitia James — or, alternately, to explain why so few documents had been turned over. More

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  1. When it comes to Trump? Make-up things that don’t exist or ask for things that don’t exist. Bastards!

  2. “Former President Donald Trump has had a number of surprising legal victories ever since he left the White House — though his greatest potential battles are still looming.”

    Surprising? Not if you were paying attention. NBC will be surprised when he also beats his “greatest potential battles looming”. These progressive assholes intend to hound him (using taxpayer dollars) until the day he dies. To send a message to anyone else who attempts not drain the swamp.

  3. Ha, crews took down the rest of the guidestones today. Wonder how long it’ll be before they’re put back up.


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