Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’. Do you agree? POLL – IOTW Report

Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’. Do you agree? POLL

Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’. Do you agree? POLL

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32 Comments on Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’. Do you agree? POLL

  1. islam hates everything non-islamic.

    Americans are (with, thankfully, few exceptions) non-islamic.

    Therefore, islam hates Americans. QED

    (In the poll I’m asked to “Enter the code” – WTF?)

  2. That is the most coherent statement on Islamb that I have ever heard on media.

    So I they hate us, the US
    Obama loves them and lets them in.
    Conclusion: Obama hates US

    Simple proof, don’t you say?

  3. Trump’s not letting on that he knows it’s the devout moslems that are the problem, not the “radical” ones. Good move, I’d say.
    Zero pro-muzz votes so far. What a surprise. /s

  4. Look at that fudge packer try and goad Trump into saying, all of Islam.

    This is why I hate these people, they’re only looking for soundbites and crap they can use out of context. It should be extremely clear to everyone including this pole smoking faggot the threat Isalm poses to western culture.

    Report the news, you freak!

  5. January 1, 2012 to October 1, 2016 refugees admitted to the USA from three countries

    Christians 77
    Sunni Moslem 14,067
    Shiite Moslem 33

    Christians 61
    Sunni Moslem 2,758
    Shiite Moslem 2

    Christians 8,312
    Sunni Moslem 28,478
    Shiite Moslem 22,094

    You can search the data base at this site, just click on the underlined area.
    Refugee Processing Center Admissions and Arrivals (report generator, searchable data base)

    The article linked below describes how Christians in Syria and Iraq are being wiped out. It was published in News Week magazine, dated January, 2016.

  6. The truth, spoken in public, by a real president. Oh how refreshing. No wonder Americans are feeling like the iron fist of obamaoppression is being destroyed.

  7. Well the do now (or at least they will after January 20th). They were o.k. with us when our President was their ally.

  8. It’s not a Yes or No issue but it’s fair to say that many Muslims hate infidels more than they love their own children.

  9. Well they fill their streets with rallies where they scream that they hate us. There are the indisputable commands in the Satanic koran to murder us. Their long, bloody history of violence, conquest, enslavement, and other barbarism demonstrated that islam is evil and false and should be destroyed. It will be when Jesus Christ returns and punishes them.

  10. Knowing their position in life it’s quite easy for me to say that I despise them much more than they hate me.

  11. In countries where there are 100% muslim the aggressive muslims kill the passive muslims. Kill kill kill something in the name of allah. That’s all they know. Oh, and yes they hate us.

  12. Does the Pope wear red shoes and a funny hat while shitting in the woods? Or does the bear shit in the Vatican?
    Islam is spread by the power of the sword. As commanded by their book.

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