Donald Trump Jr. tells CPAC that Trump was right about ‘everything’

6 Comments on Donald Trump Jr. tells CPAC that Trump was right about ‘everything’

  1. Except Fauci.

    But even that could be debated because the press would have let it go if Trump would have fired Dr. Television, AKA the Wuhan Fund Raiser.

    No one is perfect but he was very very good and dedicated.

    Essentially, he showed way to much mercy for his enemies.


    The press WOULD NEVER have let the firing of Fauci go.

    (The keyboard & Internet delay like crazy where I live.)

  3. I would not say that President Trump was right about everything. However, the scales are severely tilted toward being right

  4. Donald Trump and every.single congressman purporting to be ethical and honest MUST start campaigning loud and clear that the demoncrats release the POLITICAL prisoners of 1/6.

    Holding them without due process is CRIMINAL.

    How many of the grifter congresspersons are LAWYERS? Abe yet they are mostly silent, cowering bastards, always asking for more money.

    Also, we need justice for Ashli.

    Let our POLITICAL prisoners go!!

    Term Limits? We don’t need the rats to make another law they can ignore. WE CAN LIMIT THEIR TERMS. VOTE. Pay attention to ALL voting.

    Start at your local boards, PTA , dog catcher, whatever political office you have in your community.

  5. What was Trump WRONG about?
    The level of evil and corruption in government; I think he had no idea.
    We didn’t either, until he started uncovering it.
    His next term was going to uncover a lot more; no doubt the revelations would have harmed or destroyed the donks; they really had no choice but to steal the election.

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