Donald Trump Launches ‘Black Voices for Trump’ Coalition for 2020

President Donald Trump traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday to launch the “Black Voices for Trump” coalition for his 2020 re-election campaign.

Breitbart: “We’re going to campaign for every last African American vote in 2020,” he said in a speech as the crowd cheered.

The president celebrated his successful first term presidency, bringing unemployment for the black community to historic lows, restoring the strength of the economy, passing criminal justice reform, and creating tax-exempt opportunity zones.

Trump recalled his controversial statement during the 2016 campaign to the black community, asking them “What the hell do you have to lose?” by supporting a Republican for president.

“I do my best work off-script,” Trump said, and added with a grin, “I hate to say this, I also do my worst work … it makes things very exciting.”

Many prominent African-American Trump supporters joined the event audience, including Pastor Darrell Scott and “Diamond and Silk,” as well as Harrison Floyd.

6 Comments on Donald Trump Launches ‘Black Voices for Trump’ Coalition for 2020

  1. Saw it on C-SPAN tonight. Ben Carson’s intro was great, winding up with him referring to that primary debate when Trump stayed w/him off stage when Carson missed the cue to walk out. I remembered that moment –and Jeb sauntering past them both. Trump is a gentleman in his actions, and a man of his word — even if some of the words are sort of crude.

    This is a great and honest initiative to reach out to black voters. The left should be afraid. Very afraid.

  2. POTUS understands people, their story, and their hardships.

    Little Morphin’ Annie is correct – and I reminded the libs at work today about low energy Jeb. “Little Micheal” is DJT’s new one!

    Have you noticed how fast the POTUS moves yet??

    That’s NYC raised.


  3. Perhaps we should mint an American 1 ounce, gold, 2020 commemorative coin in honor of Harriet Tubman.
    It would be a solid action to recognize a historical Black woman who stood up against the Democrat legacy of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow Laws and racism. She also was pro NRA.


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