Donald Trump Puts Syrian Refugees On Notice – “If I win you’re going back”

Love this.


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  1. He sure keeps saying the right things to win conservative support. I still don’t completely trust everything he says, but the things he keeps bringing to light are the big issues that must be dealt with or the rest won’t matter anyway.

  2. That is a real consideration. I can think of no more reason not to trust him than anyone else in the running. I’m just still not so sure he has studied the Constitution and history enough that he would be as solid as I would like on some bedrock issues. Of course even Cruz claims the Constitution prohibits “religious” discrimination (would allow a muslim to be president), but he is either not aware or not willing to state publicly that as far as the founders were concerned, Religion = Christianity (and they had no intent of including Mohamedans as part of the first amendment protections).

    “The First Amendment also insured that one Christian denomination would not be favored of over another, as Supreme Court Justice Joseph wrote in “A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States,” 1840: “The real object of the First Amendment was not to countenance, much less to advance Mohammedanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity, but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects and to prevent any national ecclesiastical establishment which should give to a hierarchy the exclusive patronage of the national government.”

    Justice Samuel Chase wrote in Maryland Supreme Court case of Runkel v. Winemiller, 1799: “By our form of government, the Christian religion is the established religion; and all sects and denominations of Christians are placed upon the same equal footing, and are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.”


  3. Me to buddy. If he announces he will prosecute members of the former administration for treason that would make for a great made for TV movie. Mitt Romney Jumped the shark today for RINOs. Trump and Cruz now fit in his “SKUNK” category.

  4. I consider myself to be non-partisan in that I hate all of them equally. None of them are near perfect for me and at least Trump says he will stop the takeover of the country by uninvited “guests” (although I also think we should stop all immigration for a period of time at this point while Trump says we should allow plenty of legal immigration).

    Cruz was my first choice, but he has been pretty mealy mouthed of late on several things. Carson is a nice man, but I don’t think he has what it takes to effectively run the country and he has been a bit wishy washy as well on some major issues (like gun control). Carly is a stealth GOPe candidate. The rest don’t even register for me at this point.

    Trump is helping himself with his stated positions in my estimation (for whatever that’s worth). I’m just not ready to get fully behind any candidate just yet.

  5. If he would make an announcement that he would prosecute the members of congress that enabled the Iran deal (and many other treasonous acts) including about 2/3 of the republicans in addition to the traitors in the Obama administration, he would have my full support (and I think a lot of other frustrated, true conservatives as well)..

  6. Ironically, the GOP is trying to lump Trump and Cruz into the same “Skunk” category. Pretty funny considering these are the two conservatives WANT to see grouped together.

  7. The real proof will be when President Trump has to fulfill these promises. We all know how campaign promises tend to go by the wayside once a candidate is elected and there is always the old political standby of “Well I wanted to keep my promises but congress or the courts or national security or whatnot wouldn’t let me.” Politics makes it very easy to blame someone else for your failures. (“I inherited this economy.”)

    With that said, there is nothing that says President Trump won’t keep these promises. What scares the GOPe is that Trump just might keep those promises. Which would give credibility to anything else he wants done along with his VP getting credibility for a run in 2024. The GOPe fears that as well.

    Establishment political creatures hate it when outsiders win and keep their word. It gives the small minded career politicians a bad name. Even worse than they have now.

  8. Trust more than Trump?

    Cruz. That’s it. Trump speaks with no notes and no teleprompter and he speaks his mind extremely consistently and, I am beginning to believe, from the heart. That makes me trust him.

    Cruz wears his heart on his sleeve to his own detriment and has been impressive to me from day one. It is clear to everyone who Cruz is, to his core. That makes me trust him more than Trump but they would be fantastic on a ticket in either order.

  9. Cruz’s bridge burning speech a few days ago lays out the hypocrisy of the GOP and we are all becoming very cognizant of the power of the lobbyists and donors.

    We know that the purchased politicians will say anything to get elected then do only what the money says to do.

    With Trump that isn’t a factor and there is a very real possibility that he will actually do what he says.

    My guess is that the only chance of him not doing what he wants is roadblocks in congress or other places. And can you imagine the firestorm he will unleash if/when he is opposed?

    Fascinating to even imagine.

  10. Let’s stop the assholes from coming in the first place. Why go to the expense of kicking them out when it is easier to just keep them out. Besides Russia has now made it safe for them to stay there and that’s where the hell they belong!

  11. If you really listen to Cruz – he speaks like a lawyer – full of disclaimers or “outs” as I like to call them.
    When Trump speaks, there is no doubt at all what he says and means.

  12. I believe Trump will fulfill his promises hell or high water. Trump wants to make America great again and leave a legacy.

  13. Trump needs to start naming names in Congress that will go along with his plans. Then he’s a lock for the nomination. If he’s as smart as he tries to be, he’ll wait a while and launch his support just when needed, like around Christmas. He’s giving the media trickles to keep them interested, while not giving away the farm to his opponents (R or D). He does know how to market a product, in this case, himself. Just like Barry does (to the wrong people).

  14. Eight years of Trump and then 8 years of Cruz would probably get me to the end of my life. I could live with that. I say let’s go for it.

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