Donald Trump Says He Would Bring Back Waterboarding

Donald Trump would “absolutely” bring back waterboarding as an accepted form of interrogation, he said today on ABC’s “This Week.”


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  1. Donald J. Trump is shredding the “social contract” the progressives thought they had secured. He doesn’t waste time arguing the relative merits of their contract at all, but simply proceeds as though there was never an agreement. And that, my friends, is how one negotiates a successful deal that secures the interests of your side.

  2. I agree with The Donald . Waterboarding is peanuts compared to drowning in a cage or lopping a head off. Why can’t the progtards see that? Don’t bothering answering that question. Enjoy the game, have another bud.

  3. Good for him, but I think it was UTTERLY STUPID for him to raise such a detail now in the course of a campaign.

    He needs to first win the NOMINATION.
    THEN he needs to win the ELECTION:

    He has a big mouth.
    As ALL New York (Citiers) do.
    [present company included…which should be take as a half-compliment…with proviso…] IYKWIMAITYD

    He should SHUT THE F*CK UP about such stuff and get to the business at hand of locking up the NOMINATION.

    JUST LIKE WITH THE CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS…it’s one step after another…a “timeline”, so to say.

    Unfortunately, he’s letting his ego get in the way. Not too big a prob, but COULD BE if the GOPe OPPOSITION takes advantage of it.

    His wife, being a former East Bloc (Communist) kid, KNOWS BETTER…he should follow her advice to TONE IT DOWN.

    [to avoid any conflict of interest: my Czarina is HOTTER than Melania]

  4. Looks more like the interrogation room of Obungler’s regime with special leaning towards Hagel, Clinton and the rest of the notoriously bad actors in it.

  5. I’ve told this story before. A couple of years ago I was at a scout campout, and some of the older scouts asked my thoughts on waterboarding. I mentioned this video: and noted that within seconds of being waterboarded the guy was talking about it.
    A couple hours later one of the scouts told me that he had the others waterboard him. Obviously no concerns among the scouts.
    Is it torture? Of course it is. And very effective.
    When I was in college I took a small plane flying class (classroom part) and the instructor was an AF Colonel named Jerry Driscoll, who had spent 7 years as a POW in Vietnam. He generously gave us a slide show of his experiences as a POW on the last day of class. He was pretty much tortured for the first 18 months he was there, at which point they decided they had gotten about all they could out of him so ‘didn’t torture him so much after that.’
    How can you compare the two? A Leftist feels every iota of pain, and would rather hundreds of people die than that one person be scared into spilling information.

  6. “A Leftist feels every iota of pain …”

    No, they don’t. They just use ever opportunity to diminish America and America’s advantage. They would have absolutely no compunction torturing and killing Christian conservatives and Jews of any stripe. They have no problem torturing and killing infants to harvest their organs.

    They are at war against every aspect of decency, humanity, goodness, and virtue and will stop at NOTHING in their efforts to make a veritable HELL on Earth.

  7. I don’t know where George Stephinopolis (sp,DGAF) was on 9/11/12/13/01. but I was in New York glued to the TV. I saw footage of arabs dancing in the streets of Jersey City celebrating the carnage. Stepinopolis says “the police say it did not happen.”
    Stepy knows it happened and is either lying or denying. He’s a fucking scumbag. That footage has to be somewhere, but spiked.
    Trump saw it and I saw it. This shit keeps up and in twenty years 9/11/01 never happened. Jeeeeuuuusss!

  8. One of my college contacts was in a dorm at Purdue on 9/11. Muzzies were congregated in a room yukking it up and celebrating while watching the carnage on TV. A red-blooded American student went in and punched out one of the muzzies. The red-blooded American student got expelled.

  9. The problem with those who think waterboarding is pure torture is that they never endured home permanents as a child. (Your head hanging over the bathtub while the solution is rinsed out of your curlers by large cups of water, not a hose that directed the water.) Little girls endured that about twice a year.

  10. It isn’t necessary for Mr. Trump to broadcast every thought that passes through his mind.

    “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

  11. LCD, Tim: Trump is being questioned by diehard liberal, Stephanopoulos (There, I got it). I think he handled himself well.
    He didn’t bring up waterboarding, Stephanie did.
    He didn’t bring up the mosques, Stephanie did.
    He said the majority of refuges were young men.
    Stephanie said the majority were women and children
    He said after 9/11/01 he saw arabs dancing in the streets of Jersey City.
    Stephanie said the police say did not happen.
    Trump said I saw them
    Stephanie didn’t, probably beamed out in some hotel room

    For the record I saw them dancing in the streets in Jersey City,
    Patterson NJ, and Dearborn Michigan. So did my son and many friends. It was all on TV. It had to be true, right?
    My point is how, do you deal with a creep like Stephanie?
    5 more points for The Donald in my books.

  12. Boo2, At age 70, my hair is SHORT and STRAIGHT and back to the blond of my early childhood. It’s my rebellion against perms of any type. But I can say those perms made me tough. Waterboarding wouldn’t crack me. 🙂 I bet it wouldn’t crack you either.

  13. On TV, I saw ER interns and nurses cheering on 9/11. If I were in charge, those cheering would have been deported. Stephy is a freakin liar and propagandist.

  14. I would bring back carpet bombing.

    I think a single small nuclear weapon delivered in the center of a celebration that was happening in a middle eastern country on 9-11 would have been my strategy.

  15. Keeping with his theme of telling people things they don’t want to hear (and he is specifically doing that to people like stephanopolis), Trump will not “tone it down”. And I, among many, do not care if he goes “over the top.” Isn’t this regime and all their minions doing that EVERY SINGLE DAY? Over the top telling us that syrian refugees are 100% completely safe, telling us there’s a 5.X unemployment rate, telling us that the most danger comes from “home grown” radicals like the Tea Party and conservatives! Telling us that they need to take our guns away so we can be safe. No sir. I take off my hat to a man with the guts to call it right. No games. No waiting for the nomination. None of it. His numbers will go even higher.

  16. I don’t care if he goes “over the top” either – I was just thinking of all the lo-fos and middle-of-the-roader type dullards who don’t pay attention except to what the “pundits” and “celebrities” say.

  17. Tim, I encourage you to listen to what Bill Whittle has to say about elections. Even if the Republicans do everything wrong and the Democrats do everything right, Republicans still win elections. It’s getting the vote out that matters the most to R’s. If people had gotten to the polls and voted, Romney would have won. Romney lost his support because he was spineless against obama and just about gave up — he wasn’t out there in front of his voters — at the end. He was an uninspiring candidate even with everything he could have and should have used against the D’s. Yes, there was heavy voter fraud committed by the D’s, but the final tally was not a landslide for obama. He won by 51.1%.

  18. Donald Trump: rendering himself unelectable one dumb comment at a time. Almost like he wants to get out of the Presidential race without actually quitting like he did before. What’s next? Promising he’ll nuke Mecca if elected? A great idea, sure – but it’s hard to be taken seriously when you go around spouting stuff like that during a campaign. Voters aren’t used to that kind of rhetoric, and they are going to start worrying about electing some kind of nut case.

    Czar is right – Donald, shaddupa you face for now, unless you want to lose before you get started.

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