Donald Trump- Stop Iran Rally, Washington D.C.

donald trump stop iran rally washington dc 2

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10 Comments on Donald Trump- Stop Iran Rally, Washington D.C.

  1. I’m so glad that he was there. With all the attention on Trump, this rally can’t (shouldn’t) be ignored by the MSM.

    I was just a tad bit disappointed that he used it to give a campaign speech. I would rather have heard him talk about the deal and what the Congress needs to do.

    I did like that he said it was the worse deal he has ever seen. And he’s been involved in a lot of deals!

  2. Ok, I just re-listened to it. He didn’t do as much campaigning as my first impression was.

    But he did say something that made me go, “Huh?” when I heard it live and I just did it again re-listening to it. He said something about Iran getting their $150 Billion no matter if the deal is approved or not. That the money was just for Iran to come to the table. I hope that’s not true. Does anyone know?

  3. It’s true. As I understand it, that was their money in our banks and we froze their assets when the sanctions were put in place. But who knows if that’s true.

  4. He says he wouldn’t cancel the contract, but instead “renegotiate” it. Which in Trumpese means he will take THEM to the cleaners!

  5. Again……I want to believe all the talk and rhetoric…….but, I’ve been bamboozled too many times in the past. I hope I’m dead wrong. I hope Cruz or Trump or whoever will take action!


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