Donald Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

Breitbart- President Trump said Friday he would defer the payroll tax until the end of the year, using an executive order.

The tax would continue to be deferred until the end of 2020, the president said, and would likely be retroactive from July 1.

He said that by the end of 2020 the payroll tax break could be extended. more

8 Comments on Donald Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

  1. Note that this is relief for businesses, not the workers directly. It simply delays their obligation to pay Social Security taxes until end of the year. My company has a couple million accrued now – and although it isn’t in danger of going under it is a public transportation provider and has taken a biiig hit on revenue.

  2. “People who work keep more of their money. Nothing wrong with that.”

    Deferred is not suspended.

    The bills will come due or our money will become worthless the same way the Mark became worthless in the Wiemar Republic. That includes things like the value of your retirement accounts and other financial assets not held in real goods.

    Plan accordingly.

  3. I know that it seems that The Donald has a sixth sense about saying and doing the “right things” well before his detractors realize he was correct and hands them their ass. I’ve said it before that I think he may well be one of those flawed stones that God uses as His tools on earth to fight evil.
    I surely do hope and pray so because we really need them now.

  4. Of course the article offers no details of just how this will work. Guess we’ll have to wait for the EO to see what’s in it.

  5. End automatic payroll deductions for the federal income tax and then put tax day right before election day.

    Solve a lot of problems.

  6. Rush has said many times that if they did away with a tax deductions from pay checks and the government made people actually write a check to pay their taxes, there would be a revolt. Payroll deductions make the tax dollars feel theoretical as does filling out the 1040. Actually writing the check and having people see their bank balance take at hit would make it real.


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