Donald Trump vs. the Elite

Victor Davis Hanson joins AMERICA First to explain the conflict between President Donald Trump and the elite, against which his very election and presidency represent an existential threat.

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  1. Not positive. But I think it was VDH who explained to the lefties at NRO why Ronny did not support an American President who openly, on international TV bashed my Country. “Kinder, gentler…”!?@?!?%?@

    I Voted for that progressive ONCE! I backed Ronny in not working to elect an America hater!

    As Vic tells us his family lived in what Calis called “the Kern Valley”! In Mexifornia(Vic’s word) we call it the SJ Valley! Thank you Bush and Cuban Commie Sunnunu!

  2. The fact that President Trump might actually care about what I think is more real to me then ever mistakenly assuming that Pelosi etal would…

    Trump is real while Obumer, the fake woman, hill and bill, creep joe, and all the rest of the 19 dwarfs even know fly over country exits…

  3. What’s weird is how readily the politicians, who are supposed to represent us, were willing to write off our livelihoods.
    Those jobs are gone forever, said Romney and McCain and 100 or more others.
    We are going to be a service economy now.
    I was a very very early supporter of Mr. Trump. He was the ONLY politician in years that seemed willing to fight the horribly fatalistic conventional wisdom. America can still be productive and competitive. If only someone would fight the unfair trade agreements negotiated by STUPID POLITICIANS.
    President Trump is doing exactly that.
    I have been very happy he was elected.

  4. The biggest threat to our country today is the U.S. media.

    This morning we laughed at Cortez’s New Green Deal posters but, when you think about it, her posters are actually more honest than NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC and the cable-based lineup. What was Soviet agitprop, anyway? It was the Big Lie. And what is the mainstay of the U.S. media today? Can you imagine what the landscape would look like to today if people had the truth?

  5. Well said Abby. I would add “cable bundling” too. Just imagine if Americans had choices in there cable packages. CNN, MSNBC, BET, etc. would go belly up.

  6. @ Mr. Anth Ropy “STUPID POLITICIANS”

    Not hardly. These bastards made these agreements knowing full well they were gonna get rich from them; Remember Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound”? This has been going full steam since Ford/Nixon with GHWBush as his emissary to China.
    After WWII the world was in shambles and the oligarchs were out surveying the damage. Every time and area was “chosen” for development an (incident/conflict) broke out and changed the financial and political landscape to suit the relevant powers. N&S Korea, Indochina/Vietnam, Saudi Arabia et al.
    President Trump is OUR proxy at the table of these oligarchs and they DON’T like the idea of a guy that knows their game representing the rest of the civilized world drinking their champagne. Trump will be an anomaly unless someone else as capable comes along and takes his chair when the time comes. Other wise (their) time table is just pushed back by 8 -10 years, and their revenge upon the unwashed will be terrible.


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