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Donald vs. Trump

donald vs trump

Stephen Colbert is almost unwatchable now that he has his own show and is even more honest about being far left-wing, but I have to admit this debate they put together of Trump debating himself is pretty hilarious.

Video Here

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  1. Greetings!

    Typical leftist crap!

    They take matters out of context and put in canned laughter to make it appear hilarious.

    If leftists want to see something funny, all they have to do is look in a mirror.

    Mr. Colbert is not even close to being funny, not even in a mirror. He is so present that even a mirror looks straight through him!.


  2. Colbert isn’t funny. But Trump does offer a lot to work with. 😀

  3. And he’ll be the first one to laugh at himself. Yeah, I don’t know, but that’s not a primary trait in a narcissist. When was the last time we had a president who could have a gut laugh at himself without worrying about a hot mic?

    In Nashua NH early Friday morning (flew there from the veterans’ rally in Iowa over night), he took the stage and his first question was, “I guess it’s alright, now, if candidates make speeches without any sleep, right? Well, you may hear some strange things..”

    Later in the speech he did a question/answer with the whole crowd: “Who is the best at security?” The crowd: “Trump!”
    “Who is the best at jobs?” Crowd: “Trump!” “Who has the best personality?” Crowd (laughing): “Trump!” Trump (laughing): “No, I’m just kidding…wow..we could do this all day long!”

  4. Like the weather, wait a day it’ll change.

    Trump Versus Donald.

    Trump’s stance on issues have changed 180 degrees.
    He’s mastered the art of telling you what you want to hear.

    However, Donald remains steadfast in his beliefs.

    Were Trumps previous statements based upon false beliefs and assumptions to begin with? Or did he have a “come to Jesus” moment of clarity and changed his core beliefs?

    If not, Donald remains true and committed to his democrat core values.

    From my untrained eyes, there appears to be a dichotomy of thought and beliefs between Trump and Donald.

    Whose words reflect his thoughts and beliefs now.
    Which one is running for president and which one will govern?

    Is it Trump or Donald?

    If this is the guy who’s gonna represent and lead this Nation, I want to know ….I need to know. I am dead tired of voters remorse.

  5. As opposed to elected Conservatives?
    Since Trump began running, what issue has he flipped 180 degrees on?
    When Reagan changed to a Republican was he really a Democrat? Why is it Trump is really a Democrat? Why can’t it be that Trump has finally seen the light and he’s a Republican now?
    Trump is running on the promise of building a wall and enforcing immigration laws. If he breaks that promise he’ll be the biggest failure ever. Trump is not about failing.
    I’ll take my chances and vote for the non-politician’s promises instead of the usual (and expected) broken promises of a non-politician.
    If Trump sucks, you vote him out in 4 years and we are back to the status quo of voting in lying politicians.
    If Trump keeps to his promises, America will be great again.

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