Donna Brazile Dedicates Book To a “Patriot”

Newsweek is leaking the information that part of Donna Brazile’s dedication in her expose of the DNC and the Clinton Machine, “Hacks”, is going to be to for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Available now at Amazon and all your other favorite outlets where you can read the dedication for yourself. Here


Watch for the Democrats to change tactics from trying to destroy Brazile’s credibility to the old Watergate mantra of what did she know and when did she know it?

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  1. I eagerly await Rich’s family telling her to recall all printing of the book and to quit exploiting their son’s death like they have to everyone trying to help find the murderers.

    Fairly certain under the terms of their payoff that they’re required to do that in exchange for being Democrats first and not giving a fuck about their dead son.

  2. She wants to drive a stake into Hillary and seize control of the party. She’s aware that the idiot Perez is too fringe to garner popular support with the general public and also knows Hillary’s best days are behind her.

  3. Why are they describing the book as an insider expose of russian hacking of the DNC when it’s seems to be generally understood that Seth Rich copied the emails and passed them to Wikileaks? Why wlse would she add him to the book dedication.

  4. Brazile’s a shrewd, calculating POS.

    She’s hoping the book will make coin, but more importantly rehabilitate her tarnished brand marketability.

    She may also hope it brings enough spotlight to make her Too Big For Arkancide.

    You know, like Vince Foster was too big.

  5. The Clinton Crime Syndicate has to be nervous right about now. If they have Brazile assassinated, a Brazile confident will unleash untold amounts of information that could put the Clintons in prison for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, if the Clintons let Brazile live, other insiders will no longer fear the Clintons and will start telling their stories as well…

  6. Brazile’s DNC said Seth Rich’s murder was a “street robbery gone wrong”.
    Now she’s saying it was another Clinton political murder?

    Dangerous game.

  7. She knows Clinton Crime Syndicate killed Seth Rich. She knows too much. She knows she could be next. Her only defense is to get all the dirt out as quickly as possible so everyone is watching her. They won’t DARE put a hit on her now.

  8. her game is to kick the clintons while they are down and low on power.

    like a shark she smells blood in the water.

    I hope to witness a large feeding frenzy.

  9. Rich was probably going to spill the beans on the same crap Brazile wrote about.

    The book may be her insurance policy.

  10. Brazile could have published a picture of Hillary holding a pistol, standing over Seth Rich’s body.

    Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe would still be on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC stating;
    “Nobody cares about what Donna Brazile has said in a book,” “Nobody.”
    The media wouldn’t challenge him and Session would recuse himself.

  11. As Kat said, this is her insurance premium being sent. If she turns up dead then all eyes are on Clinton Inc.

    Perhaps she has fully realized that the Left was only using her for her skin color and they otherwise regard her as an expendable stooge, and she’s not playing along anymore.

  12. MER answers The Mule’s question:
    the book is her attempt at “life insurance” against Clinton Mafia.
    Plus a few bucks.
    And, as collateral, a DNC in ruins.

    Who am *I* to complain?!

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