Donors Withhold From Senate Republicans After Failed Obamacare Repeal

2018 was suppose to be the big year where Republicans could pick up as many as 10 Senate seats .     But with the failure to act in any way to change Obamacare, not only are voters disgusted with their senators, donors are turning off the money spigot.


They’d fire the managers of a sports team that blew their changes in the offseason like theses incompetents have done. I just hope that they don’t drag down a bunch of governorships with them next year.

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  1. I had the most satisfactory conversation last weekend when I received a fund raising call from the RNC. I gave her 3-4 reasons why I would never give them another cent and she tried to pretend that she agreed with me, and that is why they need more money. After telling her I thought she was lying and just telling me what she thought I wanted to hear, I hung up on her.

  2. I sent money election after election to watch the RNC do what they do best … lose !
    I didn’t send money for Trump because I knew the RNC would send it to a rino vs the main event.
    Trump won !! 🎉
    Lesson learned.
    No more donating to 24k POS rinos.

  3. If Trump separated from the RNC/GOP today, he’d make a lot of people very happy. A Bernie Sanders’ dolt will give to the Trump Party before they’d ever give to the GOP. It’s detestable the RNC is raising money under Trump’s name for people who don’t support him.

  4. I have vocally refused to contribute to the RNC, Congressional and Senate Campaign Committees.

    I feel sorry for the poor schmucks that make the phone calls. (I used to work the GOP phone banks) They have nothing to do with GOP policies or the Party, but they hear from those of us who are completely disillusioned and pissed. Frustrating and Tough job, because they can’t fix the stupidity and betrayal of the RINOs, Ryan and McCONnell either.

  5. Money first. Votes next.

    I give to candidates only and have told the RNC and the NRSC this repeatedly on the phone. Why would I donate money to those two committees when they’ll just turn around and use it fund the campaigns of candidates who are complicit in the destruction of our Republic?

  6. Bubba, before you jump ship…
    …consider that your registration in the GOP allows you a voice/VOTE in their PRIMARIES,
    which is your only chance to influence their choice of final candidate.
    You can vote for whomever in the election.


    This is what they earned this year. Tell them to push the ball forward, or forget funding. Don’t send NOTHING, it’s better to send something so they have a physical reminder of much they are worth.

    ☀️ Send shiny penny to: ☀️
    Republican National Committee
    310 First Street, SE
    Washington, DC

  8. This boycott needs to be formalized (a figurehead) and deepened (make it hurt more than the “CoC” helps). Then if our reps get off their asses and do what we told them to do, there lay be time to recover for 2018.

  9. @Outdoorjohn August 10, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    And, you know what, Outdoorjohn? Even though he’s an actual prince, not just princely in his own mind, that Nigerian respects you more, as a human being. Noblesse oblige.

  10. Old Mitch the Turtle actually believes that he now has a 52-48 majority in the Senate! Apparently, he is counting Mcstain, Flake, McGramnesty, and those three woman dolts with more cellulite than brains as RepubliCRAPS! I make the count 46-54 in favor of the DemoCRAPS!

  11. President Trump should start his own party, call it the “Freedom” Party, or “America First”
    party.Then tell the RNC to fork off. I am sure he would drag a lot from the left also.
    Both national potties would crash and burn, from their personal corruption. Good Riddance!

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