Boy, that Carly Fiorina boom really took off!

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At the debate Tuesday night, Fiorina slammed Donald Trump for saying he had met Russian President Vladimir Putin in the “60 Minutes” greenroom, noting that she’d met Putin at “a meeting” not a “greenroom.”

The audience, which seemed a little suspicious to me from the beginning, responded with — I’m quoting the transcript — “(LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) (CHEERING).”

A quick Google search revealed that Fiorina had recently told Jimmy Fallon that she met Putin — IN A GREENROOM. As a big tech executive, you’d think she’d remember Google.

After boasting that American Express just boosted his credit limit, Rubio gave a series of canned speeches in response to every question, including everyone’s favorite about “the future”:

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“This election is about the future, about what kind of country this nation is gonna be in the 21st century. This next election is actually a generational choice. A choice about what kind of nation we will be in the 21st century … [blah, blah, blah — seriously, he actually said the words, ‘blah, blah blah’] And so here’s the truth: This election is about the future, and the Democratic Party, and the political left has no ideas about the future.”

(Rubio proposes to be the candidate of the future with this brand-new idea: mass immigration!)
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  1. The key part of the article is the next part: why isn’t Rubio being asked about his immigration stance?

    The answer, as we know, is because he is the GOPe’s guy, and Fox News daren’t mess that up.

  2. I’m officially sick of them all, my opinion doesn’t mean squat. The media and comedians will decide the future Republican candidate. I’m even hearing grumblings about finding a way to recruit Mitt.

    I already know the outcome. In 6 months I’ll be told to get on board with the lesser of two evils, well, because Hillary or Supreme Court appointments. All the hand wringing at this point about about the candidate be ignored, because they’re not as evil.

  3. old_oaks don’t get discouraged it’s all a bunch of noise to keep us distracted right now, here’s how it’s gonna shake out. Trump and Carson are going to implode and Cruz and Rubio will go to the front of the line where they will battle it out until Cruz wins and is elected President. You’re welcome! ?

  4. Carly has run for president twice. That’s enough. You didn’t win and aren’t going to win, so sit down and give us a rest.

  5. And as for Rubio? He is a con man with a quick tongue. I wouldn’t trust him into next week.

  6. Old Oaks said: “I’ll be told to get on board with the lesser of two evils, well, because Hillary or Supreme Court appointments.”

    We’ll all be told that, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. If it isn’t Cruz or Trump, I’ll sit back and take a dump. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils again. Been down that road and I won’t travel it again.

  7. Redskin you got that right and Cruz is just getting started exposing Rubio for what he is. Especially on amnesty.

  8. He’s the globalist’s guy. And yes, the audience was absolutely rigged. Did everyone notice how they cheered Jebby and Kreepich when they said: “Waaaaaaaaa! We can’t make illegals actually OBEY the law!!!! That would be Meanie mean!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!”

  9. I love Ann Coulter but in this article she acts like Cruz hasn’t been solid on illegal immigration till now. That’s just not true. He’s always been against it and he was one of the main opponents of the gang of eight in the senate. Trump has been an opponent of illegal immigration for about 6 months now. I know who I’m voting for.

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