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Don’t Be Jealous That She Thought of This

This is not an attempt to solicit, or anything of the sort. And I’ve never mentioned a donator’s name before. And I still won’t.

But this equine lover just sent in a donation of $17.76.

It took me a beat, because paypal sometimes takes a cut and odd numbers come in.

But, well played donor-person. Well-played.

1776 to you too!

11 Comments on Don’t Be Jealous That She Thought of This

  1. Nicely done donator! I think a few hundred of us should do the same! Let’s try and help BFH cut down on these ads.

  2. Well, not going to be out done with this clever trend. Sending in a total related to my state’s ratification year. So there! LOL.

  3. You are welcome Mr. Content Creator! 😁🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

    @99th Squad Leader, nice idea!!

  4. Well, not trying to outdo anybody, just trying to come up with a meaningful number, apparently there were 24-25000 Redcoats killed in the American Revolution. So I’m thinking a penny a head. That should rile up some limey bastards, a measly penny a head.

  5. Thanks, Conservative Cowgirl. Just occurred to me your state’s ratification and/or the year your state was admitted to the Union would be a nice amount to donate to iOTWr.
    Suggestion: Placement of decimal point beyond the first two digits is optional. *smile*

  6. Everyone that has complained about the ads on the site has an opportunity to make a difference and possibly reduce the amount of intrusive ads we have to tolerate. Myself, I’m impressed that BFH, MJA, Claudia, Illustr8r, DrTar, am I missing anyone, I’m impressed they have managed to stay afloat. Tough business!

  7. 20.16 the year Donald the great began his first Presidency
    Or we could all send in our birth year.

  8. CC, you are quite clever! Good for you for being so quick on the draw.

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!


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