Don’t Count On McCain

This afternoon, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) announced that he doesn’t support the Graham-Cassidy bill to turn Obamacare into block grants to give back to the states.


Senator Ran Paul (KY-R) calls the bill “Obamacare lite” and opposes it, Here

Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK-R) is said to be “studying’ Graham-Cassidy, translation: seeing what kind of side deal she can carve out for her state, Here

With a 52-48 majority, just how many votes can the Republics lose and still pass this bill?

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  1. What galls me is this old fart-knocker using the phrase “I cannot in good conscience.”

    What bullshit.

    This wasn’t a decision of conscience. This was a bitter, angry old coot motivated by a petty grudge.

    Cancer isn’t the only thing eating this man. Bitterness and bile are too.

    Fuck him.

  2. I was suspicious of the bill because Goober sponsored it, but all it took for McCain to be against it was for Trump to say he would sign it.

    McCain will outlive us all just to be a prick.

  3. Murkowski is from Alaska NOT Alabama! We have enough problems without her.

    Fixed, in my rage I must have hit the wrong key -Dr. Tar


  4. Well, there goes “he died gracefully and with dignity”.

    He is going to go out as the royal ass clown he stove so hard to be. So many people die with no warning or clue that they are anywhere near death. This F-tard gets a huge heads up and manages to double down on screwing the party & the country.

    Brain cancer is too good for him.

  5. Excuse me President Trump –

    Aren’t we in need of a new ambassador to Cuba ? You can solve a couple problems if you make Collins the new ambassador to Libya.

    Just a suggestion.

  6. The birds will sing, the rain will fall, and the seasons will continue to come and go long after McCain has turned to dust.

  7. Hey McCain, flap your arms like a duck. I enjoy the laughs. That will teach you to listen to the instructers when they show you proper procedure for ejecting from your aircraft.

  8. We’ll just have to hope that the November 2018 voters know *which* GOP rat bastards need to be voted out for the Healthcare fiasco as it unravels/collapses in real time…and which are necessary to help Trump get over the Finish Line on this issue.

    The Dems will do their best to blame *all* Republicans…which is sorta weird, when you consider that, given the INABILITY of the GOP to make any changes, ObamaCare is coll lawapsing due to the Democrats’ own law.

    ME DREAMING: Would be nice if the GOP could muster the skill and will to pass a bill merely declaring ObamaCare (or the worst parts of it) UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


  9. If the damn whimpy GOP had even an eighth of the testes HRC has, they’d stop PISSY-footing around and REPEAL the damn obamacare albatross. Then they wouldn’t have to pretend to work hard at doing practically NOTHING to the law, as it stands.

    As much as I dislike McStain, he is right not to sign the half-ass ‘repeal’ which ISN’T a repeal.

    The spineless, lying, backstabbing, pharma-stock-holding, robber-Barron, GOP congress had even an ounce of honor, they would get serious about ethics and honoring their oaths and promises to America.

    They think we’re so stupid. They think Trump is a quirk, which they just can’t explain; a fluke, with which they fool themselves into dismissing. But the fury of a scorned woman will me NOTHING, compared to election time.

    Both parties are losing voters. Americans are to the point of, why not vote for unknown Joe Blow? He cannot do anything less than the current selfish, elitist, we-know-what’s-best-for-you, pricks currently holding office.

  10. There have no more destructive politicians in my lifetime than John McCain and every single Democrat in the country.

  11. So McConnell doesn’t need to bother invoking the “nuclear option” since he cannot even muster 50 votes on anything of consequence
    – Naming post offices doesn’t count

  12. You can bet that if it becomes apparent he will lose the Republican Primary next year (if he lives that long), he will switch parties; although, for all intents and purposes, he switched parties 30 years ago.

  13. A C
    He just got re-elected to a six year term at 80.
    If he were to live, he wouldn’t have to worry until 2026 election.

  14. I don’t know what really happened when he was a POW, but virtually everything he’s done since he got back tells me the horrible accusations are rooted in truth. What a waste of a life.

  15. @McCain will outlive us all just to be a prick”

    With any luck, we’ll get to see him keel over delivering Hillary’s eulogy.

  16. Hey. How come McCain isn’t heading for the best medical care in the world; Cuba?
    Nuther thought. If Trump wants the bill to pass all he has to do is say he’s against the bill and McKainnedy will vote just the opposite to spite Trump.

  17. The Feds shouldn’t even be in the health care business. They’ve done such a great job with the VA and Medicare. They have had almost 8 years to put something workable out there. Who’s been in charge of the Republican Senate and House during that time? Get rid of those two. Kill Obamacare and hand it back to the states where it should be.

  18. and yet Trump endorsed John McCain????
    Meanwhile back in Alabama Trump endorses the swamp over Roy Moore?
    anyone see a pattern or just me?

  19. I’m about to turn 56 and he’s eaten up with tumors, so I feel reasonably confident I will outlive him. Once he’s gone, I plan to take my own personal Hajj and piss on his grave. Arrogant, self-serving, egotistical, spoiled-brat piece of filth that he is!

  20. Why can’t a business man like Trump come up with some free market solutions to health care such as letting any group or organization offer its members group health insurance and not just employers?

    All states require drivers get auto insurance, yet the free market has dozens of insurance companies. Can’t we do the same with health care?

    Whenever I was hired full time and got on my employers insurance, they never asked about pre-existing conditions.

  21. i thought i saw a video of mccain drooling and blabbering away in a nursing home but he was speaking in the Senate.

    i’d settle for a long slow lingering death but im afraid he would remain in office, so quick death would be fine by me.

  22. i was conversing with a 60 yr old or so AF vet. He was whining about how government doesnt do more stuff for people. Seriously, he thought they should do more. JHC what a moron. (a black guy so i knew where he was coming from) and then he bitched that they are shutting down a VA in my area (we have 2 plus a satellite in western SD with a population base of about 250k). whine whine whine. I could take no more and said if the government actually cared about vets they would issue them a card that was good at any doctor or hospital anywhere. That shut him up.

  23. What an azz. Why the hell doesn’t this guy just retire. I guess he likes staying around and trying to be a bigger prick than he was the year before.

  24. I’m telling you. He’s going to switch parties before this is all over.

    Let him; it won’t alter his voting pattern a bit.

    Once he’s gone, I plan to take my own personal Hajj and piss on his grave.

    Anonymous, when I got out of the Navy, I swore I’d never stand in line again. However, I’m willing to make an exception in McCain’s case. (Now watch that sumbitch be buried Arlington; which would prevent me from doing so.)

    With any luck, we’ll get to see him keel over delivering Hillary’s eulogy.

    I’d pay a dollar to attend that; I’d be the loud obnoxious drunk heckling from the back row.

  25. The original meaning of “Maverick” was an unbranded bovine herd animal.
    Not the fighter pilot “Ace” McLame fantasizes he is.


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