Don’t freak out about hospitals filled with COVID patients

American Thinker-

By Andrea Widburg

One of the biggest stories in the media concerns hospitals filled to overflowing with COVID patients.  However, as an article in The Atlantic (of all places!) informs us, these numbers are misleading.  Almost half of the people in the hospital with COVID are either mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic.  In other words, to anyone running around screaming, “We’re all gonna die!,” the answer is “No, we’re not.”

The biggest story is that of a 73-year-old Alabama man who purportedly died from a treatable heart attack after dozens of hospitals across a three-state region turned him away owing to the fact that their ICUs were overflowing with COVID patients.  I say “purportedly” out of caution, because there’s almost no confirming evidence other than the family’s say-so.  The hospital to which he was originally taken confirmed only that “he needed medical services that were not available” at that hospital.  Moreover, he eventually ended up in a hospital in Mississippi, 200 miles from his home.

Those two bits of evidence do indicate that his family is accurately describing what happened.  On the other hand, we also know that hospital staffers, especially nurses, are quitting in droves because they refuse to comply with their hospitals’ “get vaccinated or get fired” mandates.  That means that the man could have been rejected from several hospitals not because the beds were full, but because the staffing rosters were empty.

The reason I’m casting a teeny bit of shade on that tragic story is that The Atlantic, one of the bastions of the Deep State establishment, has a rather interesting story.  It turns out that a deep-dive study that looked at the data for all people hospitalized recently in America for COVID discovered that almost half the cases had minimal or no symptoms: more

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  1. “…data for all people hospitalized recently in America for COVID discovered that almost half the cases had minimal or no symptoms…”

    Here we go again…How much is the government paying hospitals for reported “covid” cases based on over-cycled PCR tests which can’t differentiate between covid, the flu and the common cold? Are we headed for another season of “no flu cases”?

  2. I’ve been in 3 different hospital ERs in the last month (for OTHER people so I could wander around and ask questions during the boring parts) around a medium sized city in a County that’s allegedly a Coof hot spot.

    Between them there were 2 suspected Coof cases, and one was discharged while I was there without a Coof Dx.

    My employer is very sensitive to Coof because of what they make and who it’s for, but we don’t lose people for 2 weeks like we did this time last year.

    And no one knows anyone who died of Coof.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world,

    But here and now, Coof is demonstrably complete bullshit.

  3. Andrea Widburg is always worth reading in the “American Thinker” and at her website at the Bookworm Room. She’s a real patriot and a brilliant observer of the political and social scene in these trying times. Her meme collections are the very best.

  4. To be honest, there has been a spike of covid pos patients at my ER. Good news is 99% go home and told to quarantine. Very few are hospitalized and when they are they have several comorbidities. Our ER is packed but I lay that mostly on improper use of an ER.

  5. I heard from my old boss yesterday that a really nice guy we both worked with about 15 years ago has been in the ICU for ten days with intubation. My boss just assumes he has C19, but that seems like what everyone does now. I know this guy in the hospital, and he is a prime candidate for a whole lot of other issues that have nothing to do with C19.


    1. Obese
    2. Late 50s
    3. Heavy drinker
    4. Cigar smoker
    5. Black, which means he probably has hypertension
    6. Type II diabetic

    He probably has heart, lung, and liver issues from his lifestyle. If he has C19 then he probably got it in the hospital. But he has a whole lot of other reasons to be there as well.

  6. In June of this year my 92 year old father was in the hospital for bacterial pneumonia, during his time in the hospital he tested negative for Covid but the hospitals said he was asymptomatic for covid. Yeah he may have asymptomatic signs of covid. Utter nonsense from the hospital yet they had to put this in his discharge papers to get $ from big gov. for a pnuemonia patient. My father has never had covid.

  7. My hypochondriac 80 y/o MiL had a fever and sweats and went to the ER. ….HOURS later, she got negative covid test result, but they insisted on admitting her for a UTI.

    From the way she increasingly gets, the fever and sweats were self-induced for her unrelenting quest to have something seriously wrong with her.
    in DE

  8. The local paper here had dire headlines about a big spike of over 100% in covid cases, overwhelmed staff at the hospital, and photos of a ‘morgue tent’ set up in the parking lot.

    If you read the article, it notes that the spike went from 5 to 11 cases (not deaths) in one week, the staff is ‘overwhelmed’ because lots of them quit instead of take the vax so the remaining staff is being offered extra shifts, and the tent hasn’t been used at all, just set up ‘out of an abundance of caution.’

  9. Zero Hedge had this story a few days ago.
    I posted it on my hubby’s fb just to tick off a few of his “friends”.
    Fakebook tagged it as misleading, disinformation and spam.

    I feel like we’re living in one of those dystopian movies.

  10. TGP has an article from a whistle-blower at a St. Louis hospital. He has pictures and internal charts showing a huge difference between what is REAL and what is issued to the public. Hospitals are driven by GREED. It was an interesting read.

  11. I was on the Oncology floor of a big Pittsburgh are hospital a couple of weeks ago, to visit a dying friend. Place was a ghost town. 🤨

    One presumes cancer is STILL more prevalent than the Wuhan pandemonium. 🤔

  12. I watched a video regarding this patient who supposedly couldn’t find an ER bed due to covid according to his family.
    He had a rare cardiac condition that required extremely specialized care. The hospital he was initially brought to did not have the services he required so they started calling to as many nearby hospitals as they could to find the care he needed. While there was no way to conform 42 hospitals in total were called, the majority of hospitals contacted likewise did not have the specialized equipment or personnel required by this patient’s circumstances. The closest hospital that had the staff, equipment, and availability was the one to which he was taken in Mississippi. And he arrived at that hospital still alive though apparently in critical condition.
    It’s not like he died waiting for a bed taken up by a covid patient. It’s that his condition was so severe and rare that most hospitals are not equipped to handle it and he was too far gone by the time he reached one that was. Apparently they attempted to save him for the better part of a day before he expired.
    This story wasn’t about covid, it was about a cardiac patient with a rare condition that the vast majority of hospitals are not equipped to handle.


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