Don’t Just Walk Away, Run and Run Like Hell!

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  1. This guy is David Hogg’s political counterpart. Grasping for fame in the contentious atmosphere.
    I’m all for this movement happening but I’d beware of getting caught up in personalities.

  2. What timing. My leftist dingbat co-worker was just telling me about how this is all fake because she doesn’t see them in the streets.

  3. Done did. Decades ago. Hoping for a good turnout!

    p.s. TO og
    I know what you mean. Though he’s *sort of* credible, the people helping him set up this march are also the ones “caught up” in that pay-to-view fake MAGA website scandal recently. IN ANY CASE, the protest/march/lectures should be good.

  4. The Dems/Soros people will no doubt provide a thuggish counter-pro to perfectly underscore what people are walking away from.

  5. “…to become unsilent…”

    How about “…to speak up…”, kids?

    Stop putting “un” on words to make opposites. It trivializes your message. Save the cutesy talk for Twitter.

  6. Watch the #WalkAway videos…. (Fur posted two of ’em earlier today…. Interestingly, they are not repetitive…)

    Brandon Straka’s march in DC, for the folk who have left the Dems…. ….and the libs…. is Friday Oct 26 through brunch on Sunday 28.

    I’m going. I figure the new conservatives, the “WalkAways,” could use some support, and I hope the march is yuge! They are talking abouot a million plus folk….?!

    We need a yuge conservative voter turnout in November. Support this, as you can.
    ….Lady in Red

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