Don’t learn this the Hard Way


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  1. Ah shit, where do ya start….bigot and spigot jokes….inflation, flatualation….put yer eye out sonny….can you run with scizzors while blowing air up yer bum?….

  2. My uncle who worked at a tire shop told me this story back in the early 70’s when I was a teenager about this guy at their shop who on a dare stuck an air gun up his ass and gave himself a blast. The guy ruptured his dookie chute and fucking died from sepsis or whatever that condition is where your poop gets in your blood.

    I shit you not.

  3. I propose a simple solution for our libtard friends. BAN ON COMPRESSED AIR, or better yet BAN ON AIR altogether. Just think how many precious, innocent lives would be saved. 😉

  4. @Turd Burglestein: “I shit you not.”

    That’s what the guy with the ruptured dookie chute said.

    Too soon?


  5. I always wondered,if two gay men were having sex and the one being penetrated cut a huge fart would the other ones balls swell up?

  6. Thas jus silly!
    Aire can’t be cornpresst – I red somewhere that it’s a fluid …
    A fluid! you heer that shit?

    lotsa stupid shit out there on the interwebz.

  7. A scuba shop I know in Florida had a “mishap” while a new hire was refilling a scuba tank.

    Tank blew through 2 separate concrete block walls and stayed airborne another 150+ feet before burying itself in the sand.

    And it was only partly filled.

  8. Many years ago in Indiana, a pressure vessel was opened prior to depressurizing it.
    It had about sixty bolts on it.
    About five guys were removing the bolts.
    Non of them checked the pressure.
    The lid blew off and I believe it killed all but one of them.

  9. I worked for 32 years on a process unit that made low density polyethylene. The reactors ran at a pressure of around 47,000 PSI. The hyper compressor that compressed the ethylene was a beast with a 10,200 HP electric motor. When something went wrong, it was a happening. To trigger the chemical reaction that converted the ethylene gas into polyethylene plastic, air was injected into the process under extreme heat and pressure to the point just shy of where an explosion took place. The process ran just under that condition at all times. It was very interesting work.

  10. I worked with a guy in an automotive repair shop who tried to get some dirt out of a nice wristwatch with about 160 psi from an air nozzle. He never found all the pieces.

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