‘Don’t Let Food into the Cities’: Evo Morales Caught on Tape Planning Starvation in Bolivia

Breitbart: The conservative government of Bolivia published an audio file on Wednesday, allegedly of a conversation between a socialist activist and former President Evo Morales in which the latter ordered him to ensure that socialist rioters prevented food and basic goods from getting to the nation’s cities.

Morales resigned from the presidency two weeks ago, after 13 years in power, following the revelation of widespread fraud in the October elections he claimed had earned him another five-year term. He then fled to Mexico and claimed to be the victim of a “coup,” although he voluntarily resigned, and is now demanding that the government reject his resignation and reinstate him.

Dozens of members of his party, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), also resigned and fled the country with him, leaving the conservative deputy president of the Senate, Jeanine Áñez, the highest-ranking person in the line of succession in the country. Áñez is now interim president and attempting to reinstate order after more than a decade of socialist rule.

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  1. Hmmm can Trump give this order in the U.S.? It’d be interesting to see how long it took before urban dwellers resorted to cannibalism.

  2. This really isn’t any different than Puerto Rico taking all the supplies we gave them after the hurricane and not distributing and then blaming Trump for the citizens misery and not doing anything. Leftist are filthy liars that revel in spreading misery and getting power by accusing their opponents of doing what they do.

  3. Next up: A flood of communist Bolivian “refugees” demanding to be let into the US because they fear the “evil right-wing” government.

  4. @Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes:

    That’s not real socialism.

    There is no such thing as real socialism. The starving masses will kill and eat the leaders/rulers long before anybody would say they’d achieved that state. (-:

  5. Real socialism is where those with nothing share it with everybody.
    While working the asses off in the mines for the others that are too lazy.

  6. I suspect that this recording is the reason that today Morales’ political party, MAS, recognized the legitimacy of his resignation and accepted the interim president.

    I don’t think they are going to do any deep soul-searching and change their ways. They are only being pragmatic. It allows them participation in the next election and the possibility of winning the presidency. That would leave the door open for Morales’ return to power. Remember that he has been in power for 12 years and the bureaucracy is filled with his supporters. They will be more than happy to get him back.

    Deep state socialists have been key to recent socialist efforts in Ecuador, Peru and Chile, and had been active in resisting the reforms of soon-to-be-former President Macri of Argentina, who recently lost his bid for re-election to the peronista, Alberto Fernandez.

    The Bolivian government, quite correctly, protested to Mexico that Morales has violated terms of his asylum. I doubt that AMLO will be deporting Morales anytime soon, but Bolivia’s appeal to the Mexican people might force him to do something at least symbolic.

    The Communists have a history of treating the indigenous groups in Latin America as pawns or serfs, much as the Castros treat blacks in Cuba. Che Guevara was killed because of his treatment of the Bolivian villagers he was living among.

    The recent coup attempt in Ecuador and the current civil war in Bolivia both utilized misinformation, terror and intimidation to force indios into participating. These are not popular uprisings.

    Ecuador knew to look for and detain FARC, Cuban and Venezuelan agents, and they began arresting deep state operatives who were organizing and facilitating the violence and destruction. It appears that Chile, or at least some areas in Chile, are investigating and deporting Cubans and Venezuelans, and Bolivia has started to do so as well. That will help, but the problem is in the home-grown radicals. Throwing out the foreign agitators will neutralize a lot of the locals, but the radical core will need to be dealt with.

    One of the idiosyncracies (idiocies) in Latin America is the notion of the free campus. After the violent student riots in the 60’s and 70’s most Latin American countries enacted laws that bar police and military from entering college campuses. Because of this, they have become havens for revolutionary thought and action. I remember that many years ago, there was a convention of guerilla organizations held at a university in Ecuador. Participants were given special visas to enter and leave the country unmolested. That was with a center-right government. Pure idiocy.

  7. The overthrow of Morales and takeover of Bolivia by a US servile puppet has been accomplished by the US government. Thanks partly to Commie Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. No alleged recordings can be trusted as faked voices are now quite well done and can be edited, as are faked CGI images of people. To believe this about the Bolivian coup is quite the disinformation troll goal. No counter information being posted to deny the lies tends to mean that looking for truth is not an ethical value among many supposed intelligent people. It is the US that imposes sanctions to starve the people into submission. It is the USA that is the criminal aggressor. Americans that stand silently by and don’t even object are guilty supporters of this evil.

    US Hand in Bolivia Coup
    By Finian Cunningham

    “November 13, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – Only days before Evo Morales stepped down as Bolivia’s president audio tapes were published implicating opposition politicians, the US embassy and American senators in a coup plot.

    Among those US senators mentioned in the leaked tapes by the Bolivian politicians seeking Morales’ ouster were Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, according to a report by Telesur.

    It is believed that the US embassy in La Paz helped coordinate a deliberate campaign of street violence and media disinformation in order to destabilize the Andean country and force Morales to quit.

    The whole scenario fits Washington’s standard-operating procedure for instigating coups or regime change against governments it disapproves of. Bolivia’s socialist president Evo Morales was in Washington’s cross-hairs for toppling.

    What has happened in Bolivia is similar to the US-backed violent protests which earlier this year rocked the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Fortunately for Maduro, the Venezuelan military has remained loyal to the constitution and was not turned by Washington’s pressure.”

    February 13, 2019

  8. Opposition politicians, US embassies, American Senators in a coup plot to overthrow a duly elected President? Where have I seen that happening, seems vaguely familiar somehow…

  9. Cisco Kid, they do it in other countries, even with their own military leaders. The same kind of coup can be done in the US, and actually is in the process of being done. If it is so “okay” elsewhere, then why not “okay” in the USA? It’s what Communist America haters want. Trump even gives his approval to coups, which logically means it’s “okay” to do it to him, too.

    Bolivia Proves That Latin America Cannot Exit the American Empire

    “Jeanine Anez, one of the Bolivian Spanish elite, has declared herself the President of Bolivia. She is one of the elite allied with Washington who accused Evo Morales of rigging his reelection. But the CIA’s Bolivian lackeys who forced Morales to resign his presidency don’t bother with elections. They just declare themselves president like Juan Guaido, the CIA creep in Venezuela, who hoped to unseat Maduro, the elected president, by declaring himself president. Neither Anez nor Guaido ran for the office. They just self-appointed themselves president. The organization of American States, a CIA front organization, accepted the unelected presidents as rightful rulers. President Trump declared the CIA coup to be an increase in freedom and democracy.”

    “As Trump approves of the attempted coup against Venezuela’s Maduro and the successful coup against Bolivia’s Morales, how can he complain about the CIA/DNC ongoing coup against him?
    Live by the sword and die by the sword.

    The whores that constitute the Western “media” pretend that self-declared “presidents” are the real presidents, and those elected by the people are not. Every Latin American election that does not elect Washington’s candidate is reported by the Western presstitutes as a “disputed election.” It doesn’t matter if the winning candidate gets 85% of the votes. As he is the wrong candidate from Washington’s standpoint, his election is disputed and illegitimate.

    Washington paid the corrupt Bolivian military to unseat Morales, the elected president. This has always been the way Washington has ruled the entirety of Latin America. Buy the corrupt military. They will prostitute their wives for money.”

    “What has happened everywhere in the world is that nothing is any longer important but money. Therefore, everything is sacrificed for money. There is no shame, no honor, no integrity, no truth, no justice.”

    One step closer to democratic, prosperous, free Western Hemisphere? Trump hails ouster of Bolivia’s Evo Morales
    11 Nov, 2019 19:40 /
    “US President Donald Trump praised the Bolivian military pushing President Evo Morales out of power as a “significant moment for democracy in the Western Hemisphere,” openly endorsing what critics have called a coup in La Paz.”

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