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“Don’t let Muslims here”

IndianExpress: Vadodara locality to the civic body: Don’t let Muslims here.

Will hamper the ‘peace-loving nature here,’ say residents, block rehab of 300 displaced families.

Residents of Kapurai — a neighbourhood in Vadodara where about 300 displaced families, mostly Muslims, are supposed to be relocated following the demolition of their homes in Suleiman Chawl — have written to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation protesting against the move. The letter states that allowing Muslims to move into the locality will “hamper the peace-loving nature here” as their “daily activity involves assaulting and abusing”. Kapurai is located about a kilometre from Hanuman Tekri, where the Best Bakery outlet run by a Muslim family was set ablaze during the 2002 Gujarat riots, resulting in 14 deaths.

As many as 318 clustered homes in Suleiman Chawl were on Tuesday demolished as part of the VMC’s ‘Slum Free Vadodara’ drive. On Monday, the civic body had conducted a draw of lots to choose homes for 218 families, who would be relocated under the Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP) housing scheme. The documents of the rest of the families are being verified. – See more 

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  1. Let’s see. . . .
    Muzzie run “Best Bakery”? (w-t-f?)
    318 homes demolished as part of a “Slum Free” initiative, mainly Muzzie homes?

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