Don’t let the left control the language

“Investing in the future”  —> Taxing the present

“Pro-choice” —> Those who choose murder

“Undocumented worker” —> Border jumping criminal

“Asylum seeker” —> International beggar

“Public housing”  —> Government projects

“Free healthcare” —> Tax payer healthcare

“Minimum wage”  —> Unskilled compensation

“Subsidized” —> Parasite food


You get the idea.

And feel free to reword the ones that are already there.


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    With “pro choice”, I consistently and calmly mention that their “choice” is
    whether to kill the child or not.
    That ALWAYS gets a good reaction!


    TO BadBrad
    That, or “Defenseless Target Zone”

  2. Any saying from the left —> Oh, it doesn’t apply to a Democrat.
    Medicare for all —> Unaffordable healthcare for all.
    We must save the planet —> As long as I don’t have to do anything to save the planet.
    Don’t you want to do the right thing? —> You do the right thing, I’ll just keep doing what I want.
    We must take care of those poor souls from outside the US —> As long as they are very very far away from me, my family, and neighborhood.

  3. Fuck Whitey & Take His Shit:
    disparate impact
    greater diversity
    at-risk communities
    inclusive environment
    oppressed minorities
    our nation’s children
    social justice
    speaking truth to power
    underserved populations
    undocumented immigrant
    vibrant community

  4. Cultural insensitivity- Chastising someone for expecting another race/sex to behave like a functioning adult, instead of treating them like dullards.

  5. “Diversity” (only applies to skin color) = Racist

    LBGTQ = Mentally disturbed people who want special-er laws.
    Safe Space = Reality-free Zone

    Safe Space = “Time out” like when you were a baby.

    Progressive = Tax and spend liberal.

    Inclusive = Marxist social engineering. Freedom of association killer.

    Narrative = Progressive agenda.

    Talking Points = Progressive agenda.

    Nuanced = Bullshit

    Intersectional = Nonsense word

    Pro-choice = Baby killers. Murdering people in the womb (and many who could survive outside the womb).

  6. “It’s for the children.” We have no coherent reason for violating your Constitutional rights, so we will claim it’s for the children.

    By the way, we could care fuck-all for the children.

  7. “It’s a right.” We can’t force you to incur obligations to someone else unless we call it a right.

    Except for you, that is.

  8. “Most qualified for the office.”

    He/she has an IQ of room temperature, and/or is pure evil.

  9. Carbon footprint _ your standard of living is higher than we want it to be (you are not authorized to live that well)

  10. “Investing in the future” —>Dodging my Current Bills
    “Pro-choice” —> Child Haters
    “Undocumented worker” —> Criminal Trespassers
    “Asylum seeker” —> Freeloaders
    “Public housing” —> Rent Free Slums
    “Free healthcare” —>Forced Charity Donations
    “Minimum wage” —> Paying For Non-Productivity
    “Subsidized” —>Government Mandated Leeches

    The Above – Laziness …

  11. “Migrant Caravan” – Hordes of Marxist trained, military age men from sh**holes running the U.S. borders. They use their women and children as props for leftist propoganda.

  12. Proud: Shameful
    Tolerant: Intolerant
    Inclusive: Excluding white males
    Diversity: Conformity
    Progressive: Regressive
    Open minded: Gullible
    Woke: Stupid
    A woke man: A pansy
    Transgender: Even crazier

  13. Asault rifle: a device to dispense salt quickly and accurately, like when you have a lot of French fries to serve.

  14. Red state, blue state: who was the GOP aas hole to first buy into that b.s, giving the true blue color to the left, and the commie color to us? Flake? Mccain?

  15. Anti-Discrimination -> Force Christians to violate their beliefs.
    Religious Tolerance -> Force Christians out of public view.
    Islamophobia -> Accurate information about Islamic threats and Sharia law.
    Diversity -> Force Christians underground.
    Multiculturalism – Destroy Western Civilization.

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