Don’t Nobody Bring Her No Bad News

Breitbart; Police: Chicago Woman Pushed Stranger onto Train Tracks Because She Was Having a Bad Day.

A Chicago woman who said she was having a bad day was arrested for attempted murder for pushing a stranger onto the city’s electrified train tracks on Friday.

Chicago PD

Chicago Police arrested Wilma Maxey, 57, for pushing a woman she did not know onto the CTA’s train tracks at a North Rogers Park train station, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The suspect told police she was “having a bad day” and “wanted to kill someone” because her bank account had not cleared her to access a sum of cash she was waiting to spend. MORE


8 Comments on Don’t Nobody Bring Her No Bad News

  1. @Bad_Brad it doesnt say in any of the reports, but, probably color doesn’t matter here, victim was just a happy go lucky person and mean old 5150 lady didn’t like the fact that she was having aNother bad day and victim wasn’t, yet. so she wanted to share her bad day with someone close by. this type of sharing is caring in 5150 head.

    what’d you xspect from chiTown, chicagoLand, ObummerWurld? happy happy, joy joy?

  2. Aaaaand of course it was a negro. Wanna take bets on the race of her victim? Black Americans commit more senseless racial hate crimes than anyone on the planet.


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