Don’t Panic Over the Latest Flu Fraud

CFP: Flu fear is in the air! Emergency rooms are swamped. Sore throat? Nasal congestion? Get thee to the hospital! Now!

We know we should believe this because the media tell us so.

The hype:

  • “Get Ready, Some Medical Experts Are Predicting the Worst Flu Season In History,” declares a CNBC headline.
  • “Here’s Why the Flu Is Especially Bad This Year,” says Time.
  • “Five Things You Should Know About This Year’s Very Bad Flu,” proclaims The Washington Post.
  • We repeatedly hear of “deadly flu” and are told in dire terms that over 100 Americans have died from it as of January 11.
  • The anti-viral Tamiflu could be very helpful, but there are localized shortages. (Because of the hype, of course.)
flu vaccine- public domain

The reality:

29 Comments on Don’t Panic Over the Latest Flu Fraud

  1. I’ve had the damn thing for 2 weeks now. The first week was pure hell. This has been the worst flu I have had in my life. There were actually 2 or 3 types this year. I had type A, which is an avian flu. It sucks. It is killing people.

  2. Ohio Dan

    Did you get a flu shot? It be interesting to see how many people here have had the flu and how many got the shot. That shot’s always worked for me. Every time I get the shot I get the flu.

  3. Many years ago I worked at a pharma R&D company. The owner, an MD, said we should get flu shots. The head of Regulatory (FDA applications) was a pharmacist by education and said we shouldn’t bother. I take the lazy way out every year.

    That said, this year has been a little hard on me although I don’t think it’s the flu. I had a cough and some congestion the week between Christmas and New Year’s, haven’t felt sick since New Year’s but the cough is taking forever to go away.

  4. Bad_Brad.. Instead of the flu shot, I always take a shot of bourbon..or two. Much tastier and seems to work.
    The one time I did get the flu shot, I got the flu.

  5. Or you could be a shut in like me. I have very little public contact at this point. Go into town when I have at least 3 things on my ‘to do list’.

  6. First time I got a flu shot, I managed not to get sick for maybe 2 years. Then, every time after that when I got the flu shot, I got the flu something awful and was too weak to get my ass up and go to the ER. It was horrible. Never again. Since I quit getting the shots, I’ve only gotten mild colds and got the flu maybe 3 times, but not crippling severe as when I got the flu shots. Get them if you want, but for me, I feel like it’s a risk to my health.

    My formula for colds and flu is
    Claritin + high dose of Motrin (fever/pain). If I have Claritin in liquid form, I take it with honey.

    If you have high blood pressure, buy a decongestant called
    Chlorpheniramine. It’s cheap and it’s low dose. [And it’s the decongestant in “Coricidin” for HBP]

    And it’s also good for your dog’s allergies, too. (ask a vet for dosage)

    For stomach bugs, drink mint tea. I hate anything mint-related, but hey, that shit works. Settles the stomach and stops the cramping. Yay!

    Good luck, and be careful out there. lol

  7. Again, another Deep State tactic, propagandized by socialist media to take the focus away from a healthy, growing U.S. economic future the Trump administration has created.
    Out of the thousands of people getting the flu, only a few hundred die. Sad. Yes, but it should be considered a miracle, not reported as a potential pandemic. Especially since the flu shot this year is less effect against most flu strains.

  8. I believe in preventative daily Vitamin C. Two to three 1000 mg Capsules (not Tablets) a day. NOW is a good brand, via Amazon. Solaray’s PROVIDE is the best daily multivitamin.
    I haven’t had a flu shot since probably 2005.
    My wife’s a big believer in preventative daily Echinocea vitamin to strengthen the immune system. Even if it’s a placebo effect, whatever, she hasn’t been sick a day in years.

  9. MJA, great advice. I experienced the same thing after getting flu shots. I would also have severe sinusitis and congestion that lasted for weeks. Ended up having to get antibiotics to get better. Ibuprofen, citrus and plenty of water helped. Still, done with flu shots.

  10. I’ve never gotten a flu shot. This is the first year I ever considered it. That is until I heard it was only 10% effective.

  11. As far as my own experience has been I’ve gotten a flu shot every December for the past twenty five years or more and have never gotten sick with the flu. I’ll admit it may have been more luck than the shot but then based on my evidence alone it’s worthwhile.

  12. The flu vaccine is based on a GUESS in the summer as to what it could turn out to be the following winter. They are usually wrong. Why bother?
    Take AirBorne (or generic equivalent) three times a day any time you are around anyone who is sick or you start to feel a cold or flu coming on. It may not always prevent it, but it will keep the symptoms to a minimum.
    P.S. – I survived the Hawaii ICBM attack and didn’t even get a sun burn…

  13. I think the last time I got one was in the USN, late ’80s or early ’90s, because it was ordered. Cannot recall having one since. Have been sick a few times but not with something I’d categorize as a flu. Lucky, I guess.

    Supposedly, the stronger your immune system the more likely it is to kill you. Don’t know if that’s true though.

  14. Working in health care, as I do, means I am required to get the flu shot each year. Each time, I get mild symptoms for a few days after the shot.
    This year I got the shot in September or October; I forget which.
    December 27th, I woke up at 6 a.m. with an irritating tickle in my throat that caused a mild cough. I spent the day replacing front wheel bearings on my 98 Blazer and changing the transmission fluid (in a buddy’s shop). I got home at 6:30 p.m., feeling the same as when I woke up.
    At 7, I collapsed, and spent the next 4 days with a fever of 103+. I didn’t get out of bed for anything other than restroom duties for 6 days. I’m still lack stamina and find that my joints get achy much more quickly than normal.

  15. How many people who got a flu shot died of the flu, or died from the flu shot? There’s too many variables. What if the flu shot designer was upset that day, or had been out drinking the night before? Well, I got my flu shot and…

  16. Vietvet

    In all seriousness brother, the medical profession killed my mother. I do not participate. i’d rather drop dead by surprise then deal with those assholes. That’s my plan anyway.

  17. I was in bed for all of last week with the flu. It sucked mucho. Felt like the most excruciating hangover you’ve ever had for a solid 5 days.

  18. @Bad_Brad (at 10:36 pm) : So sorry to hear about your Mom. I don’t know her story, but I do know they screw up at times. There was an equipment malfunction after a surgery in 2005 that almost killed me, but then they turned around and saved my life (so far) from cancer a couple of years ago, so I figure in my case things kinda evened out.

    Doctors are like everybody else, IMHO – there’s good ones and not-so-good ones. Since very few people just drop dead by surprise, if you ever get anything really bad, just try to find a good one and let him treat you. At that point, what do you have to lose?

  19. I read this article with interest, while laying in my hospital bed because I contracted the H1N1 flu virus and i’m permanently immuno-comprised due to my lymphoma treatment.

    (Yes, I really am in the hospital for the flu. I was admitted earlier today. Intense pain similar to some of the pain when I had cancer. Hacking cough, extreme fatigue, and high fever, I hit 105 before passing out at my doc’s office.)

    Yes there is hype, but is truth behind the hype.


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