Don’t Want To Be Creeped Out? Don’t Watch This Clip

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  1. Gay, not gay – all that matters is a public figures”s loyalty to our Constitution.

    We’re better off with conservative gay people than hetero leftists any day.

  2. When one loses a tight grip around their sphincter struggling to keep stuff in, I imagine this the type of facial expressions one would have.

  3. I thought he was okay back when he played the part of Whitey on the Leave it to Beaver show.

  4. His loosened sphincter guarantees every chair he leaves will have a dollop of scatological material left behind. At all costs avoid Hershey Kisses missing their foil wrapper!

  5. You do understand what he’s trying to do here. He’s trying to “prove” by his facial expressions alone that Judge Jeannie is the most absurd human on the planet

    And I think he succeeded brilliantly. Which is why the Fraudcast News is going to splash his reaction everywhere. Ya think?

  6. The Honda Goldwing (with sidecar) he keeps up his ass was slipping?

    Or, maybe, Obola and Buttigieg were fighting over his prostate – literally – one on each side?

    Hard to say.

    Guy sure makes it difficult to oppose post-partum abortion.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He and Butt-edge,edge are practicing the
    new gay religion version of turn the other cheek.
    No not that one.

  8. Sodomite has no sphincter control any longer. Poo was probably falling out his chute. Okay, now I’m hurling.

  9. There was always something about Cooper that creeped me out and the was long before I knew he was gay. Strangely enought not all gays creep me out. I just don’t agree with their bottoms up philoophy.

  10. He’s not “gay” – he’s a fucking faggot … uhh … homosexual?

    He may be a gay faggot, or a gay homosexual, but he isn’t “gay.”
    Maybe a gay caballero?

    izlamo delenda est …


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