Don’t Worry Coal Miners, Hillary’s Here

Promising to “Put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work” candidate Hillary Clinton gives the standard, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” reassurance to those who would lose their livelihood.



“Clean renewable energy” is going to save all those people from the devastating effects of having their primary source of income regulated out of existence.


I’d like to hear her message to steel workers when told they won’t have access to the raw material, coke, they need to make their product.



Destroying the coal industry is one legacy of Obama she will keep.






10 Comments on Don’t Worry Coal Miners, Hillary’s Here

  1. She’s lucky. She can look them straight in the eyes and tell them how she’s going to stab them in the back. Because they’re union, they’ll still send her part of their unemployment checks and voter for her. Worked for bath house Barry.

  2. Coal and oil ARE being renewed!

    Is anyone so foolish to believe that there was once a gigantic forest, hundreds of miles deep, which covered the Earth from England to Ohio and down through Germany and France all the way to Romania? Huh? Anybody THAT fuckin stupid?

    Oh, yeah … Demonrat voters …

    well, I got this bridge for sale …

  3. I have NO sympathy for these stupid fukin’ union mooks that still vote democRAT! I heard obama say in 08 he was going to bankrupt the coal industry and those morons still voted for him because their union told them to.

  4. It is a proven fact that the good die young, but these filthy liars and crooks (fill in the names) just go on forever.

  5. So she’s going to bring renewable energy jobs to coal country to make up for the job-killing she’s doing to coal. Anybody know how many “family -wage jobs” Solyndra provides right now?

  6. Hillary’s just totes jealous there is a natural resource blacker and more profitable than her heart. Fucking cunt.

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