“DON’T you think the president is a racist!?”

This CNN bint, after hectoring and berating 8 white Dallas republican women into saying the president is a racist, even going so far as to read the definition of racism (implying they don’t know a racist when they see one), pulls the ol’ “I’m just asking questions” routine when the women object to her line of questioning.

I love how one woman turns the racism charge around and questions why there are no white women in Cortez’s little gang.

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  1. CNN, it didn’t work with Khizr Khan, and it won’t work with the Banana Republic Splits, either. You cannot bully and shame people into sympathizing with fundamentally unlikeable people.

  2. Trump isn’t racist, but Obama was.

    However, it’s the general public perception -without regard to truth- that matters and the Democrats are long term instigators of racial division for their benefit.

    They have have become the masters of manipulating the general public to their desired view of things and people when they have no other way of accomplishing their nation dividing agenda’s based on their real merits.

    FWIW, asking seemingly innocent but deliberately directed questions aimed at leading people to the conclusion you want drawn is an old technique, as Socrates demonstrated.

  3. The Democrat party is the largest, best funded and best organized hate group in the world!

  4. All the demoncrats have had to trade on for over 150 years is race.
    Thinking, normal people see them for what they are……a melting pot of hate and an ongoing criminal enterprise, having to try harder and harder to maintain their elicit, evil scheme.

  5. These women show that conservatives in general are getting smarter by catching a liar while in the act of deceiving. This is an example of the 100 monkey evolutionary theory whereby all the us monkeys are learning to do this at the same time. The more people dissect lies the less power liars have.

  6. OT

    I would like to know if CNN Bint thinks Democrat George Wallace was a racist.

    She probably never heard of George Wallace or the time President Kennedy called out the Army’s 2nd Infantry from Fort Benning to enforce integration at the U of Alabama. That was Wallace’s famous last stand in the school house door.

  7. The ‘R’ word needs to be retired from use, immediately, just like the ‘N’ word has been! Both are synonymous with hate!

  8. FYI The term idiot is no longer used in legal terms as it offends too many demorats and journalists.

  9. Is it just me or does that interviewers face look so tight that her skull looked like it was trying to jump out of her eye sockets?

  10. I don’t usually complain about physical appearance, be that as it may, the CNN Bint has no color in her face. She is so white it looks like all her blood has been drained. Even her lips are white. Her hair is white.

    I suspect that her image cannot be reflected in a mirror, that a Christian cross would repel her, and that she never eats garlic bread,

  11. Looking at those 8 beautiful, courageous women make me even prouder to be a conservative. They are on the side of truth. This needs to happen more and more. We need to stand up to these liars on the left. It’s contagious.

  12. The democrat party are the true racists. Back when I was registered with that party, they used to send me campaign materials in Spanish. I have a Hispanic surname, but my family has been here since the 1800’s. I don’t even know Spanish. I don’t hyphenate my identity. I am a proud American. Those racists in the democrat party only see me as some wetback who just hopped the border.

  13. “Do you think it’s a coincidence the women the President is going after are women of color?”

    I’d like toss it right back to her, “do you think it’s a coincidence the women of color, as you’re fond of reminding us, are the ones voicing their hate of America, hatred of Jews and support of terrorists?”

    Two can play that game.

  14. I kept expecting the cnn gal to say hey look a squirrel over there that’s all that was left for her.
    The republican girls did a good job.

  15. CNN’s apple/banana ads reminds me of Mondrian’s painting of a pipe with the caption in French, “This is not a pipe.” It isn’t; it’s a painting of a pipe. Cesar never saw such Gaul.

  16. Gotta love these 8 ladies. The only thing they didn’t do was get up and kick her ass. That’s what the looney left would have tried.

  17. Trump is not a racist. What pisses of the race baiting media is that Trump is not afraid of actual racists, nor is he afraid to call them out for their sick twisted anti American beliefs. He has my vote, again, MAGA 2020 and ESAD to the rest.

  18. Man. That must be a really bad pick ’cause her
    odd shaped face and those flat eyes makes her
    look like one of those reptilians that Coast
    to Coast AM is often talking about.


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