Don’t You Wonder What They Are Thinking?

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1 Marco (Jamison) A close view of the carpet discloses – more carpet!
2 bluebird of bitterness (Punky)
3 Anymouse (Ruby)
4 Mansfield Lovell (Augie) I’m Countess Augustina! I’m wondering where’s my damn cookie! Make it snappy, two-legs. Chop-chop!
5 forcibly rearranged (Kilo and Logan)
Logan: Hey, Kilo?
Kilo: Yeah, Logan.
Logan: What do you think these rocks did to make Mom and Dad lock them up like this?
6 Mickey Moussaoui (bear cub)
7 Ghost – (Heron)
8 Marilyn (Simba with young Maverick) His face, “What the hell, Ma?”
9 Capt. Pat (Book Bunny)

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13 Comments on Don’t You Wonder What They Are Thinking?

  1. Sometimes I come home and Jamieboy is in exactly the same position that he was when I left him hours ago. I often wonder how he is able to accomplish so much without moving for that long. It must be hard work.

  2. Thanks Claudia, great as always.

    @Cisco Kid – I thought that MO only applied to cats.
    @Marco – put a camera in the place and you’ll see what they really do, and then go back to those positions you left them in. That’s whats amazing.

    Happy Palm Sunday, doesn’t feel like it with this lock down.

    p.s. who doesn’t love bunnies!

  3. Quite the group. ☺ Always get a kick outta Logan and Kilo, #3 could go in a cat magazine. I think bears are great to see but use a LONG lens.

    Thanks y’all! 😃

  4. Mornin’ All.

    The bear looks like he might be shadow boxing “I’m gonna git that sucka!”.

    Herons really only are concerned about EATING things, when they are not in the mating season, I shot this short of a rookery, when it flies from the one branch to another put it on the slowest setting:

    There is that one nest, there were about a dozen plus spread out in the dead treeline.

    Thanks C!


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