Dozens Caught In Deadly Forest Fires In Portugal

Extreme drought conditions in Central Portugal sparked into deadly wild fires yesterday by what authorities believe to be dry thunder storms. Homes and hamlets were soon engulfed with flame. Upwards of 22 of the 57 known victims reported by the NYT were caught in their vehicles driving through the affected areas.


Reuters has upped the death count to 62.

4 Comments on Dozens Caught In Deadly Forest Fires In Portugal

  1. Really Sad !
    Muslims Should Have to Be Firefighters for at Least 2 years, before Recieving Any Handouts in “NEW EUROPE”. Theyv’e got Those White Jammy Dresses to Wear at the Fire , and those have Perfect Ventilation. Sandals – Buckets and Little Shovels will be issued.

  2. My son in law is climbing the ladder in the Forrest service. Last year my oldest was on a Hot Shot crew. Both have sent me cell phone footage of supper heated trees exploding. Scary ass shit.


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