Dr. Christina Parks – Defeat The Mandates DC

She’s spicy! LOL. WATCH HERE

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  1. She sounds like an anti-vaxer. Not making a judgement, just saying. But I have to ask, are blacks so frail or falling behind other groups in almost every metric that it is not Systemic Racism causing them problems as group but Natural Selection? And before someone says I’m racists essentially this is the arguments used by progs to coddle black criminals, explain failing education standards,and lacking the wherewithal to get ID to vote, etc

  2. Stop2Think — Race hustlers (too many to name, but think Jesse Jackson (Rainbow Push), Al — Shakedown — Sharpton, for example, are primarily to blame for many of American blacks’ problems today. In contemporary times it really goes back to Johnson’s Great Society (that’s a cornerstone of the welfare/gov’t titty).

    Too much to write here, but if one studies black America circa 1990s, in mainstream American life, blacks were on the verge of a major breakthrough into sharing in all the benefits available to everyone else who lives here. Then along came a resurrgence of “Black Pride” and the whole creation of self-segregation based on skin color. And today we’ve got the “you’re not ‘black enough'” crowd pressing down on blacks who just want something better for themselves and their children. They don’t want to be caught “acting white.” Etc, etc, etc.

    As I say, too much to write here, and Thomas Sowell does a better job at explaining this.

  3. I get the “my people” aspect of her speech, but she would have a whole lot more support if she hadn’t made her case based on skin color. Can you imagine if Dr. Mallone had openly talked about only “his people”?


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