Dr. Deborah Birx sweetly scolds the media for spreading panic

American Thinker:

There have been a few consistent points that many of those who post at American Thinker have been making.  The main point is that the media are deliberately fomenting panic.  They do this partly because that’s the nature of media (“if it bleeds, it leads”) and partly because most members of America’s media are Trump-haters.  They would willingly send America into an economic nosedive if it meant routing Trump from the White House.

Still, another thing we’ve been highlighting here is that media members are innumerates.  They glom onto whatever large, scary, Trump-injuring numbers come their way, and then they run with those numbers.

When it comes to coronavirus, American Thinker writers have been pointing out

  • That coronavirus is a serious disease that moves quickly through society and preys cruelly on the aged, the unhealthy, and the unlucky.
  • That the numbers from China are inherently suspect so that, as more data come in from other regions, China’s numbers should receive less credence.
  • That countries with socialized medicine systems respond poorly to the coronavirus because, even when they’re not in a dangerous pandemic, they always ration care, a practice that escalates as demand increases.  Additionally, with socialized medicine, the government calls the shots, making the systems inflexible.
  • That the initially stated mortality rate was almost certainly too high because the denominator — that is, the number of those known to have the coronavirus — initially consisted only of those who were very sick.  As testing increased and people with no symptoms or minimal symptoms started getting diagnosed, the mortality rate dropped.
  • That President Trump’s partnering with the private sector would be the fastest and best way to cut through shortages of everything from masks to ventilators to sanitizer.
  • That the most heavily hit regions would be Democrat enclaves because Democrats have instituted policies that are breeding grounds for coronavirus: densely packed populations, crowded public transportation, re-usable bags, and putting wokeness (such as attending huge Chinatown festivals in New York to protest Trump’s order closing flights from China) ahead of common sense.
  • That the coronavirus infects quickly, which can easily overwhelm health care systems, but ultimately, it does not seem to have a mortality rate that is hugely higher than the more slow-moving annual influenza.

Each of these positions falls into the category of information that the mainstream journalists classify as false.  After all, information is of no use to them if it doesn’t provide drama, death, and a Democrat election victory in November 2020.  However, over time, all of American Thinker’s primary positions have proven to be more accurate than otherwise. read more

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  1. We’re being fed a pile of shit and then told it’s the only acceptable food to put on the menu. Anything else is banned.

  2. One thing the U.S. media is, consistent. Around here, for example, every year — without fail — we can count on Parka Guy standing out in the middle of a rain-swept street in his media affiliate logo stocking cap and a stop sign ominously flapping in the breeze, breathlessly telling us that it’s raining very hard and the wind is blowing.

    Sorta like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyrRCx8-fZk

  3. Put politics aside, no left vs right and winning vs losing and such, and try to understand the unseen forces directing this from behind the scene and you will understand what is happening.

    Very few people can perceive a change as it is happening, only being able to perceive it after it has already happened and caught them by surprise.

    Further, each change numbs our ability to perceive to the extent that the next one we are able to has to have a significantly larger magnitude of change before we are able to realize it has occurred, all the in between stages in the process going totally unrecognized as they are taking place.

    This is how humanity works, how it thinks, and the powers that want to control us know this and use it to their advantage.

  4. One thing is for sure, our Communist & muzloid enemies now know how to bring the West to it’s knees… which now includes the enthusiastic aid of democRATs and their complicit Bought & Paid for Media!

  5. If nothing else the Wuhan Flu Hysteria has demonstrated how false, and how fragile, our economy has become. Think about it – 60,000,000 people under house arrest (20% of the population) and no shortage of anything other than toilet paper? That implies that those 20% contribute absolutely nothing material (substantial – not that they’re worthless – just that their contributions to society are more ephemeral). Middle-managers, bean-counters, lawyers, layers upon layers of Federal and State bureaucrats, 7 out of the 10 peeps at DMV, the 6 dudes leaning on their shovels watching the 7th dig a hole, TV talking heads, Hollyweird’s exhaustive scroll lists at the ends of movies – none of whom produce anything that a human actually NEEDS.
    And the Stock Market crashes because of the Wuhan Flu? That’s asinine. What changed? Roughly 1,500 dead – far less than by regular flu, heart attack, cancer, septicemia, industrial accident, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, nephritis, and suicide. So – what happened?
    Everybody’s still being fed.
    We’re still inundated with rat-people.
    Planes are still flying overhead.
    Bargains in the Stock Market (if you have the money to invest).
    Dummies on TV lying at every word.
    Governors pretending to be MDs.
    Mayors exhibiting their Napoleon complexes.
    Panicked imbecility among the populace.

    Fragile. Civilization is a thin veneer.
    A microscopic coating in some places.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I can’t feel sorry for anyone still tuning in to these phony news networks expecting something of value or any actual truth that hasn’t been bent and twisted.

  7. got rid of cable last fall.
    watched cable news yesterday while waiting for an oil change for my truck.
    while watching news in waiting room, good morning america,
    I watched as hoda broke into tears after a story about drew brees giving 5 million to new orleans.
    Texted my girl and told her I was glad we dumped cable.
    what bs!

  8. There is too much black crime and there is too much sexual deviance promoted as normal in our society.

    We need to flatten the curve.

  9. “Still, another thing we’ve been highlighting here is that media members are innumerates”.

    I think there’s a typo, should read: “invertebrates “.

  10. Now that the dnc has Their Ransom Money…Will They let the Hostages

    go free?

    FBI stats lean toward no…

    And as in Nature, The Parasite eventually kills the Host .

  11. Now that we are nearly totally locked down in our national gulag, when do you think they will lift the boot from our throats?

    In the future you may be let out for food, and occasional monitored recreation. You will be called to work when you are required. You will receive your monthly allowance or pay and permitted to spend it only at approved locations.

    The level and nature of restrictions on your movements will depend on your community citizenship score. Becoming a citizenship monitor or “neighborhood patriotism leader” will weigh positively in your daily assessment.

    Don’t worry about about a malevolent dictator. This will all be done by the numbers collected from your cellphone, tv, auto, microwave, toaster, air conditioner…

    Think “Brazil”


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