Dr. Kelli Ward Calls Out McCain for Disingenuous Trump Support

Breitbart: Former Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward is attacking establishment Senator John McCain for his tepid support of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. McCain and Ward are locked in a tight primary battle, and with early voting underway for the August 30th primary, Ward is looking to court anti-establishment Republican voters who delivered Donald Trump a decisive primary victory over a large field of candidates preferred by the permanent political class.

In a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News, Dr. Ward slams McCain for supporting his friend Hillary Clinton’s globalist agenda for decades. “John McCain can hardly bring himself to utter the name ‘Donald Trump,’ much less explain why he supports ‘the nominee,’” Ward says. “If it were not an election year with a close primary, I’m sure he would have already thrown Trump under the bus in order to do his normal political chameleon routine.”  MORE

10 Comments on Dr. Kelli Ward Calls Out McCain for Disingenuous Trump Support

  1. God, I hope McCain loses. He’s at the top of my shit list. This would be his 7th!!! term.

    A portal into the future in 1787 showing this scum bag running for #7 would have had the Framers make term limits Amendment 3 in the Bill of Rights.

  2. The only time McCain is conservative is when he is running for office. It’s all lies from him. I am sure if it wasn’t for his daddy “John Sidney “Slew” McCain Sr. (August 9, 1884 – September 6, 1945)” he would never had made it to the Naval Academy let alone be a pilot.
    He needs to go away. My best to Dr. Ward, Arizona needs a true conservative.

  3. I think that was Grand Dad …

    He was relieved of duty and died shortly thereafter. Same mistake I made in an earlier post.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I pray she wins but after what happened with ryan I don’t have much hope. Elections are still decided by back room deals by party elites, rarely by voters. Need proof; Al Franken, Rangel, and hussein obama himself. Those that are decided by voters are usually the ignorant voter who votes on looks, party line or the “first” black, “first” woman, feel good candidate.

  5. Well, I already sent in my early voting ballot, and McCain’s name was definitely NOT checked. If that prick thinks he can get away with buying the election this time, then his buddies are going to have to throw out a shitload of votes for Ward.

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