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Dr. Oz says he would have certified Biden victory in 2020

Oz is trying to pick up some Dem votes because his Republican support is weak. The pandering never ends.

Just The News: Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz said on Tuesday that he would have certified President Joe Biden’s electoral victory in 2020 had he been in office at the time.

“I would not have objected to it,” Oz said, according to The Hill. “By the time the delegates and those reports were sent to the U.S. Senate, our job was to approve it, which is what I would have done.”

Oz defeated Republican rival David McCormick by a razor-thin margin in the state’s primary contest. With the backing of former President Donald Trump, he also overcame a last minute surge from third-place candidate Kathy Barnette.

His comments present a stark break with his primary benefactor, Trump, who has asserted that electoral fraud influenced the outcome of the presidential election, especially in Pennsylvania. Only a handful of senators opted against certifying the presidential election results, and retiring Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey, whom Oz hopes to succeed, was not among them.

Current polling shows Oz trailing his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. John Fettterman by an average 6.5 percentage points, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

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  1. FUCK OZ




  2. BENITO,

    Sadly, Very sadly.

    At least you know that “Fester-Man” Actually owns a Firearm.

    Think about that SHIT for a second.

    Oz is still trying to figure out if Eggs are Good or Bad. FFS!

  3. “What was Trump thinking/”

    If you’ve ever competed for anything, you would know what Trump is thinking. Trump and the MAGA movement would be far better off with this idiot in office than the tuff guy living in his parents basement. Oz will vote Trumps way 98% of the time. Make an ass out of himself 100% of the time. Fetterman will vote Trumps way zero percent of the time. It’s not really that hard to understand. Unless you spent your entire young life as a cheerleader opposed to a competitor.

  4. Brad,

    This time I disagree.
    OZ is a TV asshole.
    That means he wants Popularity & Eyes on screen.
    He will do whatever is Popular with the Current Thing/Trend as Paul Joseph Watson puts it.
    OZ will pull a 180 deg Turn Faster than Grease Ball Fauci.

    I can’t believe there were no better choices for the conservative side.

  5. Kcir

    Will Oz yield more positive results (support) for Trump opposed to Fetterman? Yes or No. That’s all it’s about. Odds are Trump retires at night and calls the asshole every name in the book. But you play the cards you’re dealt. That’s all I’m saying and you coud disagree but honestly you would be wrong.
    I gotta say that’s one fucked up state. Holy shit.

  6. Trump made a big mistake endorsing Oz. If I lived in PA, not possible for me to vote for a person that advocates the genital mutilation of children. Won’t cross that line. Either I vote for somebody else in the race who I can support or I pass on that particular race.

    And no way Oz votes 98% MAGA.

  7. This was one primary Trump should have stayed away from, well actually more than one. I’m still ticked that he endorsed Mullin in our state, we had candidates 100 times more conservative than Mullin who would never had hugged Ashli Babbitt’s murderer and who never would have in a debate say “assault weapon.”

  8. This motherfucker will waste no time stabbing this country in the back the first opportunity he gets if he wins. He’ll be Mitt Romney MkII.

  9. The only entertainer that was ever worth a SHIT as a politician was Reagan.
    Because he was an American FIRST, before anything else.

  10. Two candidates SO awful it should be a slam dunk, but we’re talking Dr. ODD here, an Oprah deciple.
    Pennsylvania is so screwed.

  11. Dr. Oz says he would have certified Biden victory in 2020

    Trump endorsed Oz. This is what I mean when Trump likes to say he doesn’t need briefings, he goes on his intuition. We all know how that “intuition” worked out for the world. Operation Warp Speed – another one of Trumps disasters.

  12. NONE of you folks above have to vote for these two so stick it!

    The folks in PA once again are stuck having to decide which is the better of two evils to put into office!
    Fetterman is a known Union Thug and crime WILL flourish with him (soros) and Shapiro (another soros) at the helm!
    So Stuff it!

  13. Agree with Brad. And this declaration by Oz is a signal that the Uniparty can discreetly move its support to Oz and away from the Fetterman disaster. Those fake polls will magically shift, albeit slowly, to Oz. There will be less need for rigging the election, and those rigging resources can be move elsewhere. And the Dems don’t have to deal with replacing Stroke Shrek when he taps out in a few months. It’s not a great win/win, but it’s the best we can hope for in our current crooked election environment.

  14. Reloader83, We have Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock here in GA, contending for Senate. Walker should be running away with it, but the Uniparty is obviously behind incumbent Dem shitbag Warnock. And we face the dustinct possibility of Tank Abrams as our next Governor. We don’t even have the possibility of getting a RINO Senator anymore. So I feel your pain and anger. It sucks to watch your state go down the tubes.

  15. @ Thirdtwin

    There is entirely too much corruption in today’s politics. We in rural flyover country get stuck with whatever the masses in the densely populated urban areas pick, then they have the gall to TELL us what’s good for us, including sending our kids and hard earned money to war or free drugs to the lazy ignorant “dropouts” (includes nose picking degrees) who just don’t want to work!

    We are not alone as there are many other states being forced into the same situation by a supersized out of control Federal Government!

  16. @Reloader 83

    “The folks in PA once again are stuck having to decide which is the better of two evils to put into office!”

    Hasn’t this been the case, in every state, in every election since pretty much the dawn of time?

    In my lifetime there has been only one politician, Reagan, where calculating the “less evil” component was not a factor.

    Brad is correct in the analytical computation; when faced with 2 candidates, you chose the one that “best” represents your values and will govern closer to what you want, moving the issues direr and in need of attention to the front of the queue.

    We Californians are always amused at the pearl-clutching exhibited by you guys in other states who can’t seem to find good people to run. We haven’t had a GOP senator in over 40 years and not a decent GOP governor since, well, Reagan.

  17. I don’t know a whole lot about Oz, but I do know his opponent is completely whacked! Uncle Festerman is a stroked-out, far-left radical dipshit who, if elected, is guaranteed to implement the worst of the worst Leftist policies. We’ve only seen a glimpse of what’s to come with this jackass employing not one, but TWO convicted murderers on his campaign!

    Of the two, Oz makes waaay more sense relatively speaking. Is he my first choice?
    Are there better people than Oz?
    Sure, but they’re not running.
    So you do the best with what you got.

  18. Muslims, by their own declaration of faith, can’t serve in a constitutional government. And should not be allowed to.

  19. Some comments here are disconcerting and illustrate why as conservatives, collectively, we are losing our country.

    Libtards move the ball down the field in small, steady, constant, incremental steps.
    We won’t vote for a candidate unless he’s perfect. There by handing the Libtards the win. It’s stupid.
    I wonder what impact Fetterman will have on the genital mutilation of children. I guess we’ll find out.
    Believe me, Trump totally understands this. And he’s hated by some of us for understanding how to win this game.
    If you want to turn the tide on the current path of our country, get your butts out of your Barcalounger and go vote for the guy that will do us the most good. Instead of handing that seat to the enemy. Now you’ve just compounded the impact.

  20. It seems to me when Trump endorsed Oz it was before the primaries. I don’t remember who else was campaigning for the Republican nomination but there must have been a better choice than Oz. Wasn’t there? Now we are stuck with a candidate that seems less than ideal, but he is clearly a better choice than Fetterman.

  21. Joe6

    There were two, one was a Turtle Boy GOP white guy, the other was a some what outspoken black woman. I think most people liked what she had to say. She has historically been a never Trumper. Elect ability questionable.

  22. Brad, although we sometimes agree I can’t disagree with you more on this. When you can’t criticize Trump it makes us no better than the other side. He is a man, far from perfect and this was a stupid endorsement and is very likely going to cause this seat go to a crazed demoncrat.

    As for we don’t vote or the lesser of two evils, bullshit, we’ve been doing that for decades. That’s exactly why we have a GOP establishment. That’s why after Romney I said never again would I do it. However this year I will go back on two of my words and I don’t feel real good about it. One is after 2020 I changed my affiliation to Independent because I don’t want to be associated with the scum in the Republican party who the majority screwed Trump and us and still today refuse to do anything about our elections, I said then I wouldn’t ever vote again until our elections are fixed. Two is that I said I would never vote for the lesser of two evils again.
    Come November I will vote a straight Republican ticket, something we’re allowed to do in Oklahoma. I can’t stomach actually putting my mark next to Lankford or Mullin’s names, but will be voting for them all the same. That is one of the reasons as to not to have to put a mark next to their names, the other is my hope that if they just switch certain races, my vote will count. My luck though they’ll probably switch it to a straight Democrat vote.

    However, they always say Independents determine the winner of races, how many Independents are going to vote for Oz? He’s probably the worst non incumbent Republican running for Senator, he’s pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-transgender and he’s a Moslem.

    Also as for the one woman being never Trump previously, so was the lady in Wyoming who Trump endorsed.


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