Dr. Oz’s History of Donating to Democrats Emerges amid Move to Run as GOP Senator

In an interview on Fox News after announcing his run, Oz elaborated on his friendship with Oprah Winfrey, a well-known Democrat. more

“She’s been a wonderful mentor to me, fairest woman I’ve ever worked with, and a great, sage adviser of mine.”

22 Comments on Dr. Oz’s History of Donating to Democrats Emerges amid Move to Run as GOP Senator

  1. I AM NOT AN OZ FAN! But; a little history.

    A conservative, union president was a
    Dem until, “My party not only nominated a
    “Commie”; but elected him! MY PAARTY LEFT ME!”

    Don Trump donated $millions to Dems .

    Big diff between Ronny and OZ is that
    ronny was always conservative; OZ NO.

  2. Dr. Oz is the easily identified Rino. It’s up to us to figure out the rest of them that will be running.

  3. Republicans are too stupid to figure out Oz is a true democrat
    He is just one more name to be added to the list of RINO’s

  4. I had a chuckle over this the other day. Now that Trump has broken the tee vee-show-host-turned-pol barrier, it opens up the field. Who’s next? Judge Judy? Dr. Phil?

    Try to keep a sense of humor, guys. After all, this is the Christmas season. God’s got this.

  5. Like anything else the MAGA movement will be infiltrated often, frequently and fleeced to make those that support it dejected. And if Trump doesn’t turn the corner on his love fest for vaccines he also needs to be tossed out of it if we are serious about what it stands for.

  6. The Republican Party has become a dumping ground for RINO DeceptiCons.

    Sadly, many Pennsylvania Republicans will vote for Dr. “Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang” Oz. No clue he’s a liberal Democrat in disguise.

    He’s a Bush style operative – “reach across the aisle” kind of weasle. *barf*.

  7. Spoiler Alert: a teeny amt of digging will reveal he was a shit physician even before he hit the TeeVee and self-promoted and promoted for profit shamelessly.

    PA must be proud of their two prominent pol-docs !

  8. Guess his peddling fat burning juice cleanses and the like on TV isn’t financially rewarding enough for this ass wipe.
    Kinda reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies opening theme song–“DC is the place you oughta be”.

  9. The absolute last thing we need in congress is a RINO muslim. Unfortunately, a lot of low information, low intelligence voters will be suckered by his smiling, phony persona.

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