Dr. Siegel Theorizes Biden Is Suffering “Cognitive Decline” and Taking Adderall To Get Him Through Public Events – IOTW Report

Dr. Siegel Theorizes Biden Is Suffering “Cognitive Decline” and Taking Adderall To Get Him Through Public Events


On Fox News Monday night, Dr. Marc Siegel — who prefaced his remarks by saying “I haven’t examined the former vice president, I don’t have a clinical diagnosis to make” — wildly speculated that Biden may be taking drugs.

What he did tell Tucker Carlson is that “many neurologists have said to me” that Biden’s multiple gaffes — which Siegel said is too soft a word to describe them — are not isolated and are indicative of something. More

The segment from Tucker Carlson Tonight with the Siegel interview. Watch

19 Comments on Dr. Siegel Theorizes Biden Is Suffering “Cognitive Decline” and Taking Adderall To Get Him Through Public Events

  1. It is painfully obvious to the most casual observer is Mr. Blunderbuss makes daily, to his sharp appearances were like the difference between night and day. He was on something, I had no idea what.

  2. Truth is, Biden is in year 50 of his cognitive decline.

  3. Called a lid today at 9:30am. Called a lid Saturday at 8:30am. He has a debate in a week, and he’s doing online fundraisers i stead of campaigning or debate prep. They’re going to kill him if they’re not careful.

    So what’s up with the VP debate? Haven’t heard much about that. I guess they’re not sure who will be the Dem VP yet.

  4. The side effects of Adderall include anxiety, agitation, aggression and abnormal weakness or lack of energy. They probably don’t know how he will react to it on a daily basis. Some days he seems very agitated and aggressive but others he seems like he is literally half dead and can barely get the words out. I don’t think there is any doubt he is on something.

  5. Geoff, it’s annoying new flack/journo jargon which they use to cloak the fact that Biden can’t get out of bed. I bet Hillary wishes they were calling lids back in 2016. If only she could have called one on 9/11.

  6. They will juice his dying carcass with so much dope he may actually die during the debate itself.

    Maybe PDJT can help him on his way to stroking out, all PDJT need do is say the word “Hunter” and Pedo will come unglued with anger he cannot control.

    Pedo is going down in flames on the 29th and will be replaced soon after.

  7. Hmmm, sounds alot like what was said of Trump a couple of years ago.
    I think it’s just the way Joey is and always has been.

  8. And if they keel ‘im we’ll be expected to grant all his dying wishes?

    ya sure

  9. Jackass Joe probably refers to it as Damnitall…

  10. Kcir - (Trudeau, prime minister blackface 3 times)

    Like Trump said in Minnesota, “They’ll give him a shot in the ass and he’ll be great for 2 hours!”

    “…but what happens after that?”

  11. Duh.

    This is all about getting that useful,corrupt pscyhopath Harris into the highest office.

  12. Biden is a “stalking horse”. This is like when a hunter sneaks up on a herd of deer by walking alongside his horse.

  13. Like the Doctor said “SPEED”….
    Come on Man !

  14. I read that adderall causes dementia if you take it for a long time.

  15. I’m not a Doctor, but I’ve unfortunately been around three people who were suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. One took more than a decade to finally succumb to the disease. Another one was dead in less than three years. One was fine last August and completely incompetent by last October. All of them showed some of Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s symptoms. I wouldn’t want any of these people driving a car or even buying groceries off a list written in really large words. This man’s dementia is so obvious that everyone involved in this situation needs to be hauled in front of a Congressional Committee focusing on Elder Abuse and Campaign Funding Fraud.

  16. Biden: “I’m not making this up!”
    Marsha Brady: “Sure, Joe. Sure.”

  17. Hey Doc, now tell us what is wrong with Harris Faulkner & Melissa Francis.


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