Dr. WHO and the Clintons


Batman and Robin wade into the Swamp to out the Clinton Foundation

On March 23, 2019, this site posted an article entitled “Batman and Robin wade into the Swamp to out the Clinton Foundation”. The picture below is of two men swearing to tell the truth before a hearing of the House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Government Operations, on the afternoon of December 13, 2018. 

These two are the “Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers”.  

Only one Democrat House member showed up to ask questions—the appointed Democrat “delegate” from the District of Columbia. There weren’t enough people in the audience to field a baseball team.  It was the last Republican-led meeting of the subcommittee before the Democrats took control of the House. The chair, Rep. Mark Meadows, would later become President Trump’s Chief of Staff. 

The witnesses were (right) John F. Moynihan, Principal, JFM & Associates, Compliance Advisory Group and (left) Lawrence Doyle, DM Income Advisors, Managing Partner. Think of them as bounty-hunter forensic accountants wading through the financials of the Clinton Foundation. If they can document tax fraud, they’re entitled to a percentage of the money owed to the government. And they believe they have sufficient documentation assembled. 

Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations, A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation

Doyle’s expertise comes from Wall Street where serious numbers-crunchers work.  Moynihan’s from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), where experts in uncovering money-laundering search.  

The title to their presentation was “Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations, A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation”.  

For an enhanced appreciation of what follows, you might open the link to the March 23, 2019 post, and skim the article. It puts what follows into context.     

Set-up: On March 27, 2020, the “Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers”—as they describe themselves—tweeted a multi-installment thread that is consolidated below into a straight copy format, without editing. The full content of their tweet is in italics:  MORE

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  1. The scariest of all pandemics is LIBERALISMID-20. The shit has globally infected billions. Yet it gets a pass, there is no vaccine, and the media is puking and coughing it on the world’s populace.

  2. This reason Hillary isn’t President is because of you cult people. And TRUMP!!
    If you cult people hadn’t have voted for Trump this would have never happended and Hillary wouldn’t have been forced to steal from her own charity to make money.


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