“Draft Our Daughters” For Hillary’s Endless Wars

Clinton’s desire to draft women into combat isn’t going over well on social media, where #DraftOurDaughters is seeing her excoriated

BearingArms: Pull up your search engine of choice and do an image search for “dead female soldier.”

Don’t worry.

Whether you use Google or Yahoo or Bing you aren’t going to find a lot beyond staged photos.

Why? Because most combat photographers avoid taking pictures of the female casualties of war under the orders of both their military commanders and (depending on who their bosses are) news networks.  Watching a formerly beautiful young woman’s life drain out, and her eyes go blank, is simply not something that the American people are ready to face, even though we know that our all volunteer military has women fighting and dying in wars.

As a general rule, American’s attempt to keep women in non-combat roles and away from the front lines. That doesn’t always work out well.

They get shot. They get blown up. They get captured. They get tortured. They get raped. It’s a harsh fact most of us don’t even want to consider.

We’re going to have to start considering it a lot more if Hillary Clinton is elected President.  MORE

9 Comments on “Draft Our Daughters” For Hillary’s Endless Wars

  1. The Rainbow Pansy Division made up of feminists, trannies, queers, pedophiles, and
    illegals can be America’s new Alien Legion trained to fight the Muzzholes!

  2. Fact: military service is currently voluntary.

    The requirement is that 18 year old males SIGN up for the draft, only, at this time.

    Frankly, I just don’t see a problem requiring the females meet the same requirements.

    The hyper feminists should be all in for this step. They want equality in every manner that THEY want, but exemption at their whim(?)

    Hell, if Hillary gets the presidency, we will be like Israel, every possible defensive strategy available. Just to fight here in our country against the hordes of ILLEGAL immigrants she will allow free access to what will be full on jihadi and cartel attack from within.

    Read the Matt Bracken books. He has amazing insight. He wrote those books a bit of time again, and when I read them, the setting felt like NOW! Frightening.

  3. The left LOVES the settled science of evolution and natural selection. Males have been selected for physical combat since the dawn of humanity, yet they deny they’re any more suited for it.

    Cognitive dissonance, thy initials are PC.

  4. Not alll military jobs are direct combat. Plenty to go around for ladies, peacenicks, or others not wanting to kill.

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