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Drama Continues at the Tragic Kingdom: Disney Heiress Targets CEO Bob Chapek

Amid all the other concerns, now an upper-level battle might be brewing in the executive offices at Disney.

RedState: It has been a challenging year already for Hollywood’s biggest studio. Disney had been contending with emerging from the pandemic, grappling with releases in theaters and/or its streaming service, and then the self-created issues began. Under pressure, CEO Bob Chapek entered the social debate surrounding the Florida parental rights in education bill, and things only spiraled from there.

Chapek managed to upset those on both sides of the issue; proponents balked at his opposition, and his gay workers and activists felt he acted too late and too tepidly. It became a PR fiasco for the company, leading to the public (which polls showed supporting the law) turning on Disney, and the state looking to rescind some of the special privileges the company enjoys in Florida. Add to this the severe underperformance of the new release “Lightyear.” It appears the inclusion of a lesbian kissing scene has repelled many families, leading to depressed box office returns. more

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  1. “Polls have repeatedly shown support for the law, and Disney’s vocal opposition defied the wishes of many parents.”

    Why is Disney so anti-democracy?

  2. Most people don’t want to see faggotry, and they sure as hell don’t want it in their kids entertainment.
    See, voting with your wallet still works.

  3. No DISNEY item, food, books, literature, films, video, toys etc is permitted in the homes of my family members who have youngsters. On computers, tv, and phones parents have engaged child guards and blocks against DISNEY ads and everything else concerning that twisted evil group.

  4. Is Abigail auditioning to be Varuca Salt? Maybe Disney could do a lesbian version of Willy Wonka.

    What a self-righteous, pompous princess with no self-awareness.

  5. Public supported the law, where? Maybe only in Floridaville, if was so-called support it would be passing in other states dumbass. Disney will be just fine, people like you are nothing more than a little pimple.
    You commie perverts don’t support America or American companies. Just your twisted-sister fucked up views.


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