Dramatic Rise in Once Eradicated Measles in Washington/Oregon Border Area


The number of unvaccinated Clark County children with confirmed cases of the measles continues to rise, officials said Thursday, as does the number of public and private businesses where people may have been exposed to the contagious children.

Public health officials have confirmed 16 Clark County-area children have the measles, and another five are suspected to have the preventable disease. Fourteen of the confirmed cases involve children who have not been vaccinated.

According to a news release, the remaining two cases involved children with unverified immunization histories. Two children have been hospitalized, one with a confirmed measles case and the other suspected.

Measles is a highly contagious viral illness spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It was thought to be eradicated years after the vaccine hit the U.S. in 1963. Prior to the vaccine, 400 to 500 people would die every year, and 48,000 or more were hospitalized.

Clark County has one of the worst vaccination rates among all Washington counties, with just 77.4 percent of all public students having completed their vaccinations, according to state records.


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10 Comments on Dramatic Rise in Once Eradicated Measles in Washington/Oregon Border Area

  1. “It was thought to be eradicated years after the vaccine hit the U.S. in 1963…”

    What kind of nonsense is this. I cannot remember a single year in which measles has been “eradicated” or a single year in which plenty of children did not come down with it.

    My neighbor’s kids got it in the early 90s, and I marched my then-toddlers right over there to play — and to obtain the benefit of PERMANENT immunity. Which you don’t get with the vaccines. No, you don’t. And then there’s a big problem because adults, who are no longer immune and who are susceptible to far worse versions of the disease can contract it. (My brother — a physician — got his kids vaccinated and they still got it.)

  2. Attending Physician: ” Well Mr. and Mrs. White, I delighted to tell you your daughter has tested negative for autism, ADHD, and the other cognitive tests you requested. However, she didn’t survive the onslaught of measles and whooping cough. But you do have another toddler who is also vaccine free who is healthy at the moment so you still have your proof that vaccinations aren’t necessary.”

  3. Anyone vaccinated for measles becomes a contagious carrier at first. Also how many of these measles infected “kid” are illegals who come into this country already sick? Oregon is a sanctuary state run by a Communist government. Criminals are welcome!

    Janitor’s comment is so true! Can’t even trust a doctor to know. Because it has been proven that vacs are NOT safe.
    (My brother — a physician — got his kids vaccinated and they still got it.)

  4. tRuth, what is your position on the deleterious effects of government sponsored contrail seeding of the atmosphere?

  5. In 2014 — the most recent year with data available — the number of abortions performed in the US was 926,200.
    There are nearly a MILLION preventative deaths.
    In 2017, among 70,237 drug overdose deaths in the US, 47,600 (67.8%) involved opioids.

    But, lets concentrate on “16” cases of measles in the Washington/Oregon Border Area and those parents that choose not to immunize their children.

  6. Have a friend whose wife claims her kid developed autism right after being vaccinated… I wouldn’t trust her to babysit a goldfish for two weeks without turning it into a dysfunctional neurotic mess. The kid is most definitely as sea worthy as a chicken wire canoe, but I doubt the vaccines had a damn thing to do with it.

  7. Oregon requires vaccinations before children are allowed enrollment in school, EXCEPT if they have a “religious exemption”. Interesting, given that portland has the lowest per capita rate of religious participation. But, being that Portland is about 80% Democrat, I am sure they self-identify as the ‘party of science.”

  8. The jury is still out on the extremely lucrative vaccine industry. All vaccines are not akin to the polio and smallpox vaccines. Read some of what the most pedantic, boring, neutral and thorough investigative journalist in America (Sharyl Attkisson) has written and said on the subject. Here’s one of her pieces: http://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/the-vaccination-debate Apparently the autism-debunked science is not so settled after all.

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